Dragon Quest VI: Realms of Revelation

The sixth mainline entry in the popular Dragon Quest series is also the last of the Zenithia storyline of games. The game features a Lower World and Upper World and requires you to use special methods to go to each one. It also brings back a completely updated and expanded vocation system, allowing you to select one of nine base vocations that expand to even stronger vocations after you reach a certain part of the game.

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How to get the Metal King Sword aka Liquid Metal King Sword in Dragon Quest VI

Introduction: The Liquid Metal King Sword is obtained by reaching the 5th floor of Mortamor’s Dreadlair. It’s inside a chest near the end of the area before the inner sanctum. It is extremely powerful with +130 attack bonus and +40 style bonus, while also being very versatile as it can be equipped on every character….

How to get Orichalcum Fangs in Dragon Quest VI

Introduction: The Orichalcum Fangs appear as a spark in the sands of Aridea (Dream World) that you can pick up once you learn of the buried treasure there. To learn of it, you must reach level B3 of the Fungeon and reach a different version of Weaver’s Peak.  From there you have to talk to…

How to find Lorelai’s Harp in Dragon Quest VI

Introduction: Once you reach Pescado and tail Rod into Mermaid Cave, you’ll meet Unda and bring your ship into Mermaid Cave to escort her home. From there you can zoom straight to Port Haven to save time and then head in your boat to the northeast.  After meeting Ova, you’ll be given Lorelai’s Harp which…

How to get Gringham’s Whip in Dragon Quest VI

After helping the mermaid Unda return to Mermaids’ Reef, you’ll obtain Lorelei’s Harp, both it and the Ultimate Key from the sunken ship near Pescado are needed to obtain Gringham’s Whip. After that you’ll head to the Undersea Treasure Chamber using Lorelei’s Harp east of Scrimsley. Once there, you simply need to defeat both sets…