Fallout 3

The third game in the post-apocalyptic series of games by Bethesda and the first in the series to take on the first-person perspective with the ability to switch to third-person perspective on the fly. You take control of the “Lone Wanderer” in search of his father out in the Capital Wasteland. One of Bethesda’s most beloved and universally acclaimed games.


How to reach Vault 87 in Fallout 3

Vault 87 is only accessible through two methods: fighting through a super mutant infested route called Murder Pass or by getting the help of Johnny in Little Lamplight to fix a broken terminal to the vault. Accessing Vault 87 is required to obtain the G.E.C.K device for the main story line. Some things to know…

How to get Power Armor Training Perk in Fallout 3

There are three official methods that can grant you the Power Armor Training Perk and one unofficial way if you want access to the armor very early and don’t mind messing around out of the bounds of the game. Here is some info on Power Armor: Methods to Get the Perk There are three main…