How To Get The Unique “Annabelle” Missile Launcher in Fallout: New Vegas
How To Get The Unique “Annabelle” Missile Launcher in Fallout: New Vegas

Annabelle is a unique Missile Launcher that can be obtained from the Nightkin Sniper at Black Mountain.

Here are a few quick tips before I get into the guide:

  • Bring Rad-X and RadAway. The entirety of Black Mountain is heavily irradiated. Bringing anti-radiation supplies will be immensely helpful.
  • Bring a weapon with armor-piercing ammo. Most Supermutants and Nightkin have a DT of 15, making them difficult to kill without using weapons with armor-piercing properties.
    • 5.56 AP ammo just so happens to ignore exactly 15 DT, making it an excellent choice.
  • Can be bought from Knight Torres on PS3. For some reason, Annabelle can sometimes be found in the merchant inventory of Knight Torres, the Brotherhood of Steel quartermaster. This only happens on the PS3 version.


To get this weapon, make your way to Black Mountain. To get there, you can either go from the Hidden Valley location to the southwest or go up a path that leads from the highway to the west.

Black Mountain on the world map | Fallout: New Vegas
Black Mountain on the world map

Be careful, as both paths are filled with enemies.

Once there, you’ll find a giant crater. Go past it.

Road behind the crater | Fallout: New Vegas
Road behind the crater

You’ll see a damaged road between a shack made out of a radar dish and another, smaller shack. Follow this road. Be wary of the invisible Nightkin who patrol the road. Look for breaks in the light to see them before they attack you.

Road to follow | Fallout: New Vegas
Road to follow

Atop a small slope, you’ll see a gate. Sneak your way up to it.

Gate atop the hill | Fallout: New Vegas
Gate atop the hill

Looking through the gate, you’ll see a radio tower. The Nightkin sniper will be there. Be wary, as they might be cloaked.

That same gate. The radio tower can be seen to the right | Fallout: New Vegas
That same gate. The radio tower can be seen to the right

Kill the Nightkin. You’ll be able to get Annabelle off of him.

Nightkin sniper | Fallout: New Vegas
Nightkin sniper
Annabelle on the corpse of the Nightkin Sniper | Fallout: New Vegas
Annabelle on the corpse of the Nightkin Sniper

Comparing Annabelle To The Missile Launcher

  • Annabelle deals 25 more damage from direct hits (150 damage vs 125 damage).
  • Annabelle is far more accurate (0.02 spread vs 0.3).
  • Anabelle has a higher durability (495 attacks before breaking vs 245 attacks before breaking)
  • Anabelle costs fewer AP to fire in V.A.T.S. (47 AP to attack vs 55 AP to attack).

Gameplay Tips

  • Thanks to its general improvements over the basic Missile Launcher, and with it having 0 drawbacks (even when compared to the upgraded missile launcher), it’s an excellent choice for a long-range explosive weapon from the mid to late game.
  • Despite being held by a Nightkin atop an irradiated hill, it’s easier to acquire than the basic Missile Launcher unless you’re willing to pay for one.