How to have a Baby in Harvest Moon SNES

After you get married (marriage guide here), your wife can have up to two babies if you meet certain requirements. Having a baby does not affect gameplay directly, but it is a requirement to get certain endings, including the best ending (ending guide here).

First Baby

The requirements for having the first baby are:

  1. Both House Upgrades – To quickly reach both house upgrades, follow our guide on the fastest way to make money, as Gold will be the biggest hurdle to getting house upgrades.
  2. Married at least 20 days – It’s important to get married as fast as possible if you want to also see your second baby grow up.
  3. Wife’s Affection above 450 – To raise your wife’s affection level as fast as possible, follow our Bachelorette/Wife Gift Guide in order to raise their affection as fast as possible to reach the minimum point requirement to have the first baby. Conversation does not raise affection once you are married.

Your wife will tell you she is pregnant once you meet the requirements and she will ask you to name the baby.

Baby confirmed! | Harvest Moon SNES
Baby confirmed!

Second Baby

The requirements for having the second baby are:

  1. First baby is at least 32 days old. If you want to witness the baby grow up beyond a crawling baby as a walking toddler, you need to marry as fast as possible.
  2. Wife’s Affection above 650 – Like the requirement above, follow the guides to raise affection as quickly as possible.

Having the second baby is a requirement towards getting the best ending, however the baby does not to be at a specific life stage in order to see it. As long as your wife is pregnant with your second child, that is enough to meet the requirements for the best ending.

The Day of the Baby’s Birth

On the day the baby is to be born, the preacher and midwife will appear at your house. Speaking with your wife will give you the option to stay with her or leave so you can go about your day as usual to tend to your farm. If you choose to stay, you will lose that day and immediately move to the next day.

A difficult decision. | Harvest Moon SNES
A difficult decision.

There is no wrong answer but these are some things to consider:

  1. If you stay:
    • Wife’s Affection +50. If this is your first baby, this will give you a big head start towards raising your wife’s affection towards your second baby.
  2. If you leave:
    • The farm will be tended to. You won’t lose any money from missing a crop watering, your animals won’t miss a production day and they won’t risk getting cranky or sick from missing a feeding.
    • You won’t lose any affection points for leaving so there is no negative impact for this choice.

Our recommendation is to leave. Although it sounds mean, there’s many factors to consider such as the season and how many cows and chickens you own. If you have many cows, you risk more than one getting sick which will be a costly problem to fix at 1000 G per Medicine. None of your chickens will produce eggs that day and you may miss a crop harvest due to a missed watering depending on when the birth happens.

As long as you follow our aforementioned gift guide, you will easily make up for the 50 affection points for staying.

Second Baby is born. | Harvest Moon SNES
Second Baby is born.

Pregnancy Timeline and Considerations

The timeline for a baby is as follows assuming the most ideal conditions:

  1. Marriage to Pregnancy
    • 20 Days from Marriage to Pregnancy
  2. Pregnancy to Birth of First Baby
    • 60 Days from Pregnancy to Birth
  3. First Baby to Second Pregnancy
    • 30 Days from First Birth for Wife to be able to have Second Pregnancy
  4. Second Pregnancy to Birth
    • 60 Days from Second Pregnancy to Second Birth

In order to have two children, you will need at least 170 days. To ensure you meet the minimum requirements to see the best ending, this means you will need to be married by the 5th of Spring of the Second Year.

Although it has no effect on the ending or gameplay, if you want to be able to see both babies grow up to be walking toddler for yourself, you will need to be married no later than the first weekend of Summer of First Year. This is an extremely difficult and tight requirement and will require you to take advantage of certain bugs / glitches described in previously mentioned guides for raising a bachelorette’s affection.

A happy family. | Harvest Moon SNES
A happy family.