Best Way to Farm Gold in Dragon Quest XI

In DQXI there are various ways of obtaining gold at different points of the game. In this guide, we will cover some of the best ways to do so.

Tip: Always store your gold in the bank so you don’t lose it should you get a game over.

Hero deposits his Gold in the bank for safe keeping. | Dragon Quest XI
Hero deposits his Gold in the bank for safe keeping.

Early Game Farm

There are two main gold farming methods in the early game:

  1. Using the Fun-Size Forge: Forge items using materials and sell them for a higher price.
  2. Defeating Robber Rabbits at Galopolis: Robber Rabbits can rarely drop Robber Gloves that sell for 1500 G. Be sure to save one for your own use later on.

Mid Game Farm Method #1: Octagonia Casino

In mid game, two ways of gaining massive amounts of gold become available.

The first method involves the Octagonia casino where you can gamble to win tokens, then exchange the tokens for Sage Elixirs to sell.

Playing roulette at the casino. | Dragon Quest XI
Playing roulette at the casino.

Always save before playing on the machines or after you win (also known as “Save Scumming”). If you lose, you can load the saved game and get your money back.

One trick you can use once you have 7200 tokens involves talking with the blonde bunny girl at the left of the VIP area. If she doesn’t say “ But I got a feeling someone’ll be winning the whole pile before long!” rest and speak with her again until she does.

Talking with the blonde bunny girl. | Dragon Quest XI
Talking with the blonde bunny girl.

Once she says that, head to the roulette game and bet 200 on every number. If you win the jackpot, it will give you 1,000,000 tokens and if you lose it will give you the 7200 tokens back. Just try again until you hit the jackpot.

Betting 200 tokens on the every number. | Dragon Quest XI
Betting 200 tokens on every number.

1,000,000 tokens can be exchanged for Sage Elixirs that you can sell for 750,000 G in total.

Note: A blue-haired girl in Octagonia will give you a mission that requires you to hit the jackpot. The mission gives you a Vest for Success which increases the chance for extra loot to drop after a battle is won.

Mid Game Farm Method #2: 

The second mid game method involves grinding monsters in Gyldenhal. All the gold themed monsters in that area drop high amounts of gold.

Gyldenbritches bestiary page. | Dragon Quest XI
Gyldenbritches bestiary page.
NameSpriteHPGold Dropped
Gyldenbritches490342 G
Gyldenaut284290 G
Gold-plated puppet163320 G
Gold golem440650 G
Penny pincher245330 G

Post Game Farm

This last method is the best way to earn gold quickly in the post game. Make your way to the Whale Way Station and find an enemy called Hooper Duper (an orange demon wearing hula hoops).

A group of hooper dupers appears. | Dragon Quest XI
A group of hooper dupers appears.

These enemies can drop a shield called Devilry Drinker that can be sold for 30,000 G each. They usually appear in groups of two to three so it’s possible to get 1 to 3 shields per battle which would equate to anywhere from 30,000 to 90,000 G per battle if you fought them normally.

To ensure you get these items every time you encounter these enemies, use Erik’s ability Half-Inch on each enemy until you steal a shield from each Hooper Duper.

Erik steals a Devilry Drinker. | Dragon Quest XI
Erik steals a Devilry Drinker.

To increase the chances of stealing, equip the following items:

  1. Robber Gloves: Drops from Robber Rabbits or forge them with the recipe behind the mural construction at Phnom Nohm.
  2. Uniforme de l’Académie: Reward for finishing the mission “The Agony and the Ecstasy”. Also as a reward for collecting 25 mini medals or opening the chest behind the red door at the academy.
  3. Bunny Tails: Drops from Bunicorns or Malicious Spiked Hares. Once in post game, hunt the Malicious Spiked Hares in the Dundrasil region.
Hero finds the recipe book entitled " Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers" | Dragon Quest XI
Hero finds the recipe book entitled “Knick-Knacks for Nifty Nickers”

If the whole team is equipped with Bunny Tails, Erick with the Robber Gloves, and the girls with the uniform you can pretty much guarantee the shield will be stolen without issue.