Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Black Market Weapon Guide – Order
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty Black Market Weapon Guide - Order

Heral, the Black Market Vendor from Cyberpunk 2077’s Phantom Liberty DLC, sells, among other things, a tremendously powerful Iconic Tech shotgun, called “Order”. In this guide, I’ll go over all of the unique aspects of the shotgun, as well as provide you with a few tips on how to use it in combat.

Quick tips before you go out to get the weapon:

  • Use Tech Weapon perks. Having a high Technical Ability attribute will allow you to get Tech Weapon perks, which make this weapon even more powerful. Guide for Tech Weapon perks here.
  • Expensive. Be prepared to pay anywhere from 50,000€$ to 200,00€$ for this gun. The price will vary depending on your level.

Acquisition of Order

When you first make it to Dogtown, you’ll enter the EBM Petrochem Stadium, which has been turned into a commercial area. The Black Market Vendor takes center stage in the market. He’s also always marked on the map with the “Black Market Vendor” icon.

Black Market Vendor on the world map | Cyberpunk 2077
Black Market Vendor on the world map
Black Market Vendor in the Petrochem Stadium | Cyberpunk 2077
Black Market Vendor in the Petrochem Stadium

He always has Order on sale, regardless of your Street Cred or Level, but the Tier that he’s selling the gun at will differ based on your Level.

The Order shotgun for sale | Cyberpunk 2077
The Order shotgun for sale

Negative Effects

Let’s get the downsides of the gun out of the way first, as they may influence your decision on whether you use the gun or not the most.

  • Absurd charge-up duration. The weapon takes 3 whole seconds to charge up. This is absurdly long and makes the weapon pretty much unusable while using a Sandevistan.
  • Knockback. Whenever you fire the gun, you will be knocked back about 2 meters. 
  • Insane stamina cost. The Stamina cost of firing this weapon is immense, at about 60% of your stamina per shot. However, this is only a problem if you switch to a different weapon right after firing. 
  • Shoots both shells at once. This weapon empties both of its barrels at once, meaning it requires a reload after every single shot. This makes the delay between shots even longer.

Positive Effects

With the negatives out of the way, let’s talk about the positives. This may be one of, if not the strongest weapon when it comes to single-shot damage. The weapon’s description claims that if charged above 66%, the weapon vaporizes any enemies in its path, which is accurate.

Any damage numbers listed below are for a Tier 5 version of the gun.

  • High base damage. Without charging it up at all, the weapon already deals over 400 damage (by firing 14 projectiles, each dealing approximately 30 damage).
  • Quadruple damage when fully charged. When fully charged, the damage seems to multiply 4 times, dealing about 1600 damage. This is made even more powerful with Bolt Shots.
  • Powerful EMP effect. The weapon is almost guaranteed to cause a shock damage over time effect to any enemy you hit with it. This effect is powerful enough to finish off any enemy the base weapon didn’t manage to fully take down.
  • Knocks enemies down. Whenever an enemy is shot with this weapon and miraculously survives, they get knocked down for several seconds, giving you enough time to reload and start charging up your weapon again. 
  • Ignores enemy armor. Even without any perks, this shotgun inherently ignores any armor that an enemy may have. This makes it very useful while going up against enemies with a lot of armor, such as Millitech Heavies.
  • Pierces through enemies. Just like any other Tech weapon, Order pierces through multiple enemies. This is more noticeable on this weapon than most of the other Tech weapons, thanks to the weapon’s massive spread.

Tips for using the Order shotgun

  • Charge the weapon up while in cover. Thanks to the absurd charge-up duration, you will be exposed without the ability to defend yourself or dodge, however, you can charge up the weapon while in cover and only peek out of cover when you’re at 60% charge or so. That way, you’ll have enough time to aim, while not leaving yourself exposed to gunfire for too long.
  • Don’t use any form of time dilation. The charge-up time of this gun is so long that your time-slowing effect will wear off before the weapon is charged. If you want to use this gun with a Sandevistan, you can use a Militech-made Sandevistan (like the Falcon or Apogee) and only activate it moments before you fire your shot.
  •  Use Flashbang Grenades. Stunned enemies are far easier to line up for a shot, allowing you to make use of the weapon’s ability to pierce through enemies.