Corn Guide for Harvest Moon SNES
Season Days to Grow Days to Regrow Price per Bag Selling price per Corn Profit per Bag (Assuming "C" Formation) Max Profit per Bag ("C" Formation + Day 1 Summer Planting)
Summer 12 3 300 G 120 G 660 G 5760 G
Corn Guide for Harvest Moon SNES

Corn is one of the four major crops in Harvest Moon SNES and can only be grown in Spring. Although, profit wise, only certain crops are worth growing, you will need to grow and ship a specific amount of all the crops in order to get the related ending to that crop and the “best” ending.

Corn Info

Cost per Bag300 G
Days to Grow12 Days
Days to Regrow3 Days
Selling Amount per Crop120 G
Total Profit per Bag660 G
Total Profit per bag per Season (assuming you start growing on Day 1 of Summer)5760 G

Corn is one of the two crops you can grow in Summer. Summer crops are unique as each plant will continue to yield crops after the initial growth period every 3 days. For example, if you plant corn and tend to it for 12 days, it will yield a corn you can harvest. However, after you harvest it, the plant will still be there and as long as you continue to water it, it will grow another corn 3 days later and will continue to do so until the end of the Summer. However, unlike Spring crops, Summer crops immediately die on the first day of Fall and must be cleared with a sickle.

Although they initially grow slower than the other Summer crop, Tomatoes, they are actually overall more profitable as they sell for more. However, in order to get the tomato ending and the “best” ending, you can’t just completely focus on corn as you will need to ship at least 200 tomatoes.

Because you have until year 3 to do this, the best strategy is to focus exclusively on corn in the first year so you can maximize your profits and build up your savings so you can increase your livestock as they will be your main source of income in Fall and Winter since there’s no crops to grow during those seasons. Then in the following years you can start working on getting the minimum 200 tomatoes to get the tomato ending. Once you ship enough tomatoes, you can focus just on corn.

Why is the Profit per Bag only being calculated for 8 sold crops instead of 9?

It’s important to note that the calculation of the “Profit per Bag” assumes that you are utilizing the “C” Formation of growing crops which is the most optimal growing pattern and results in only 8 of the crops per seed bag being shipped. The reason for this is that the game does not allow you to walk over/through crops once they start growing, so planting the entire 3×3 will result in you being unable to reach the center crop, thus wasting it.

The "C" Formation of Crops | Harvest Moon SNES
The “C” Formation of Crops

Gifting Corn

If you miss the shipping time and you still have some crops you haven’t shipped, rather than mess up your crop growth times by waiting until the next day, you can gift the crops to the bachelorette that you are seeking to marry or your wife if you are already married to increase her affection further.

All the girls will gain affection when receiving corn as gifts. However, the amount they receive will depend on where they are when you give it to them. Their location will vary depending on numerous factors such as time of day (day or night), the weather (clear or raining) the day of the week (weekday or weekend) and certain events.

The following list shows each location the girl can usually be found and how much affection they will gain when receiving a Corn


  1. Location 1: In the Tool Shop or in her Bedroom
    • Affection: + 6
  2. Location 2: Outside the Tool Shop or in the Church
    • Affection: + 5
  3. Location 3: (As Wife) In your Home
    • Affection: + 5
  4. Location 4: (As Wife) In your Tool Shed
    • Affection + 5


  1. Location 1: In front of the Animal Dealer or in the Restaurant
    • Affection: +6
  2. Location 2: Behind the Animal Dealer
    • Affection: + 5
  3. Location 3: At the Bar (at Night) or in her Bedroom at the Restaurant
    • Affection: No Affection Gain
  4. Location 4: (As Wife) In your Home or Outside of the Barn
    • Affection + 6


  1. Location 1: At the Bar
    • Affection: +3
  2. Location 2: At the Town Square
    • Affection: + 5
  3. Location 3: At the Mountain
    • Affection: + 4
  4. Location 4: (As Wife) In your Home or Outside of the Barn
    • Affection + 4


  1. Location 1: In front of the Church or inside the Church
    • Affection: +5
  2. Location 2: In her Bedroom
    • Affection: + 5
  3. Location 3: (As Wife) In your Home or Outside of the Barn
    • Affection + 4


  1. Location 1: Outside Flower Shop
    • Affection: +4
  2. Location 2: In the Mountain or Mountain Cave
    • Affection: + 3
  3. Location 3: In her Bedroom
    • Affection: + 2
  4. Location 4: (As Wife) In your Home or Outside of the Barn
    • Affection + 5

Corn Ending

In order to get the Corn ending, you must have completed the following:

  • Ship at least 200 Corn
  • Have at least 100+ Happiness

This is also a requirement in order to get the “best” ending in the game.

If you want to make sure you have the corn ending, there is cheat that allows you to immediately skip to the “ending” of the game which will then show you all the endings you’ve obtained up to that point. If you hold L + R + Select as you are going to bed for the night, you will trigger all the endings that you would receive if you had legitimately ended the game with your current stats and items.

The Corn ending scene | Harvest Moon SNES
The Corn ending scene