Complete Crafting Guide for Fallout: New Vegas
A comprehensive guide to crafting in Fallout: New Vegas

Crafting is a mechanic that allows the player to create many different types of items, weapons, consumables, and armor. This guide will not cover crafting ammunition. Ammunition crafting will be separated into its own guide in the future.

Basics of Crafting

To begin crafting, you must find either a workbench, a reloading bench, or a campfire/hotplate. Workbenches, campfires/hotplates, and reloading benches each have different items that you can craft on them. This guide will focus on what you can craft on a Workbench or a Campfire/Hotplate.

After interacting with a crafting station of your choice, you will be presented with a crafting menu. This menu has a column of crafting recipes on the left and requirements listed on the right (after selecting a recipe).

To craft an item, you will need 2 things:

  • Meet the required skill (usually Repair (for mechanical items), Science (for chems and venoms), or Survival (for food).
  • The necessary items.

Once you have all of the required items and a high enough skill, you can craft the item.


Workbenches are useful to craft mechanical items | Fallout: New Vegas
Workbenches are useful to craft mechanical items

Workbenches are mostly used to craft mechanical items, such as energy weapon ammo, weapons, weapon repair kits, or health items.

Notable Workbench Crafting Recipes

Base Game

  • Weapon Repair Kit: 1x Wonderglue, 1x Scrap Electronics, 1x Duct Tape, 1x Scrap Metal, 1x Wrench. Repair skill of 50.

The Weapon Repair Kit allows you to repair any weapon on the fly. The higher your Repair skill, the more you repair. This item allows you to make an immense number of caps by picking up weapons (especially energy weapons) and then repairing and selling them. 

  • Electron Charge Pack, Microfusion Cell, and Energy Cell conversions. 

You can convert any type of energy ammo into a different type of energy ammo using the Science skill (requirements ranging from 20 to 50). This is incredibly useful for any energy weapon build and should not be overlooked.

  • Stimpak: 1x Xander Root, 1x Broc Flower, 1x Empty Syringe. Science skill of 70 required.

The Stimpack is the go-to healing item for most people. Being able to craft it from Broc Flowers and Xander Roots (present everywhere in the Wasteland, especially in the Honest Hearts DLC) is very useful and saves a lot of caps.

Lonesome Road DLC

To craft these items, you must have the Lonesome Road DLC installed.

  • Auto-Inject Super Stimpak: 1x Super Stimpak, 1x Sensor Module. Science skill of 100.

This item works like the regular Super Stimpak, but it’s automatically applied when the player reaches 25% of the maximum HP or less. This item is a life-saver in the late game and can easily prevent many otherwise hardly avoidable deaths. 

  • Fist of Rawr. A powerful unique unarmed weapon. Guide for it here.


Campfires are mostly found in the base game | Fallout: New Vegas
Campfires are mostly found in the base game

Campfires and hotplates are used to craft chems, food, armor, and poisons. They share an identical crafting pool. 

The only difference between the two is where they are found. Campfires are mostly found in the base game, the Lonesome Road DLC, and in the Honest Hearts DLC, while hotplates are mostly found in the Old World Blues DLC and in the Dead Money DLC.

Notable Campfire/Hotplate Crafting Recipes

Base Game

  • Slasher: 1x Banana Yucca Fruit, 1x Psycho, 2x Stimpak. Science skill of 50.

Slasher is a chem that provides the player with a 25% buff to their Damage and Damage Resistance. While the Damage buff does not stack with Psycho, the damage resistance buff does stack with Med-X and Battle Brew, making this a must-have for any player that often utilizes chems.

Dead Money DLC

To craft these items, you must have the Dead Money DLC installed.

  • Cloud Kiss, Lethal: 2x Abraxo Cleaner, 3x Jar of Cloud Residue, 1x Turpentine. Survival skill of 75.

This is the most powerful poison in the entire game, dealing 13 points of damage over a period of 13 seconds. Very powerful against high-HP enemies, especially if you can stack multiple instances of the poison at once.

Lonesome Road DLC

To craft these items, you must have the Lonesome Road DLC installed.

  • Rushing Water: 1x Purified Water, 1x Jet. Survival skill of 50.

Rushing Water is a non-addictive consumable that increases your attack speed with all non-automatic weapons by 50%. This makes it one of the most powerful consumables in the entire game, especially when considering how cheap it is to make.

  • Snakebite Tourniquet: 1x Buffalo Gourd Seed, 1x Surgical Tubing. Survival skill of 30.

The Snakebite Tourniquet is automatically applied after the player becomes poisoned and prevents the poison from dealing any damage. Having several dozen of these at a time is not a bad idea if you know you’re going to encounter Cazadores, as it makes dealing with them far easier.

Old World Blues DLC

To craft these items, you must have the Old World Blues DLC installed.

  • Battle Brew: 1x Mutant Cave Fungus, 1x Salient Green, 1x Vodka. Survival skill of 45.

Battle Brew is a powerful alcoholic beverage that increases the player’s Damage Resistance by 35, heals 50HP, Increases the player’s Strength by 2, and increases the player’s maximum Action Points by 40. The Damage Resistance effect stacks with both Slasher and Med-X, meaning that the player can reach a Damage Resistance value of 85.

Honest Hearts DLC

To craft these items, you must have the Honest Hearts DLC installed.

  • Gecko-Backed Leather Armor, Reinforced: 1x Leather Armor, Reinforced, 1x Tanned Fire Gecko Hide, 1x Tanned Golden Gecko Hide, 1x Tanned Green Gecko Hide. 

The Gecko-Backed Leather Armor, Reinforced is one of the best light armors in the game for pure Damage Threshold, due to having a DT of 15. It also provides the wearer with a 15% damage resistance to Fire, Poison, and Radiation. Survival skill of 90.

To craft this armor, you’ll need tanned Gecko hides, which can be made at a campfire using a Gecko hide of the specified type, Turpentine, and White Horsenettle. They have a Survival skill requirement below the one needed to craft the armor, so no need to be worried about that.

  • Black Coffee: 1x Coffee mug, 1x Coffee Pot, 1x Coyote Tabacco Chew, 1x Honey Mesquite Pod. Survival skill of 15.

Black Coffee is one of the most potent Intelligence-boosting items in all of FNV. With a Survival skill of 100, it will increase the player’s Intelligence by 6. This can help you pass all sorts of checks throughout the game. Having a cup of Black Coffee on you at all times is never a bad idea unless your Intelligence is already maxed out.