How to get the unique CZ-57 Avenger minigun in Fallout: New Vegas
How to get the unique CZ-57 Avenger minigun in Fallout: New Vegas

The CZ-57 Avenger is found in “The Devil’s Throat”, which is located east of Ranger Station Bravo. It’s a unique minigun that is superior to non-unique Miniguns in almost every single way. It also has the highest damage per second of any weapon in all of Fallout: New Vegas.

Tips before getting the weapon:

  • Enemies in your way. Even though the actual area with the CZ-57 Avenger is filled with low level enemies, the two main ways in which you can get there are filled with difficult enemies.
    • The main road that leads to the location from the west is regularly patrolled by both young and adult Deathclaws. Especially if you go through the Gypsum Train Yard.
    • Lake Mead, which you can swim across, has Lakelurks both on structures in the water and on the shores. If you swim to Callville Bay, you’ll also most likely have to engage in combat with a dozen or so Cazadores.
  • Long range weapon recommended. To ensure that you have an easy time dealing with the enemies present in the area, it is recommended that you bring a long range weapon, like a Sniper Rifle, Marksman’s Carbine or even a Missile Launcher. Hollow Point ammo is recommended but not necessary. 

How to acquire the CZ-57 Avenger  

First, you must travel to the location “The Devil’s Throat”, which is located east of Ranger Station Bravo and north of Guardian Peak.

Location of the Devil's Throat. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of The Devil’s Throat.

Once you’re at the location, you’ll notice that The Devil’s Throat is a massive, irradiated crater in the ground. If you look to its center, you’ll notice that there is a blue trailer surrounded by Centaurs

The trailer is where you need to get to. To make that journey easier, take your long-range weapon and walk to one of the boulder-filled ledges. This will give you a full, unobstructed view of the area, allowing you to snipe the Centaurs with ease. 

Ledges from where to fire. | Fallout: New Vegas
Ledges from where to fire.

Once you dispatch all of the Centaurs, you may use the path to get down to the bottom of the crater and into the blue trailer. 

Path to the trailer. | Fallout: New Vegas
Path to the trailer.
Entrance to the trailer. | Fallout: New Vegas
Entrance to the trailer.

Inside, you’ll find a dead prospector, who’s wearing Reinforced Combat Armor as well as a unique party hat, although it has no special effects.

Prospector in the back of the trailer. | Fallout: New Vegas
Prospector in the back of the trailer.

Next to the prospector’s corpse, you’ll see the gun.

Minigun next to the corpse. | Fallout: New Vegas
Minigun next to the corpse.

Comparison of the CZ-57 Avenger to the Minigun.

The CZ-57 Avenger is one of the best automatic weapons in the entire game due to its decreased spread, increased fire rate and damage.

Do keep in mind that the weapon will perform poorly in critical hit builds, as its critical hit chance and critical hit damage damage are both incredibly poor (0.01x and 13 respectively). However, this is characteristic to the weapon as the lack of critical hits is easily made up for with the pure fire rate and damage.

  • Higher base damage (13 vs 12).
  • Higher rate of fire, even when compared to the upgraded minigun. 
Unupgraded Minigun attacks/second20
Upgraded Minigun attacks/second25
CZ-57 Avenger attacks/second30
  • Higher durability (7995 shots before breaking vs 5995 shots before breaking). 
  • Lower Spread, even when compared to the upgraded minigun. 
Unupgraded Minigun spread1
Upgraded Minigun spread0.65
CZ-57 Avenger spread0.55

Tips for using the CZ-57 Avenger

Thanks to its maddening 30 attacks per second and relatively low spread, this weapon is ideal for unarmored enemies. However, thanks to the fantastic ammunition choices (JSP, Hollow Point and Armor-Piercing), it can even shred its way through lightly armored opponents, although it will struggle with enemies with more than 38DT even with AP ammo.

It is recommended that you use this weapon in builds that utilize fully automatic weapons but don’t wish to invest a perk into the Grunt perk (or you simply don’t own the necessary Honest Hearts DLC).

  • Use different ammo types. The wide variety of calibers (JSP, Hollow Point and Armor-Piercing) allows the player to easily defeat most opponents, as long as the correct caliber is chosen.
    • JSP (aka Jacketed Soft Point) ammunition requires the Hand Loader perk to craft, but it’s definitely worth the investment, as it increases the damage of the weapon by 30%, only at a cost to the weapons durability, which is a trivial issue. This type of ammo is best used as your general-purpose ammunition.
    • HP (aka Hollow Point) ammo should be used whenever you’re engaging unarmored opponents, as it provides a 75% damage boost.
    • AP (aka Armor-Piercing) ammo should be used whenever you’re up against enemies with any sort of armor beyond the simple clothing, as it grants a massive reduction of 25 to the target’s DT. This is the only type of ammo that makes the weapon usable against enemies such as robots.
  • While not necessary, the Rapid Reload perk will speed up the otherwise sluggish reload by 25%.
  • Damage boosting perks like Bloody Mess, Confirmed Bachelor/Lady Killer/Cherchez La Femme/Black Widow, Living Anatomy or Thought You Died/Ain’t Like That Now (All story DLCs required) are all incredibly useful, as every small damage boost massively impacts the weapon’s DPS.

The Hot Blooded trait will grant a free 15% damage boost while below 50% health, which can prove incredibly useful with this weapon.