How to defeat Aamon in Dragon Quest IV
How to defeat Aamon in Dragon Quest IV | Dragon Quest IV

In the DS version of Dragon Quest IV, you can properly fight Aamon (not just as a miniboss fight) during Chapter 6 and kill him for good. You’ll need to finish the normal game to access this optional boss and unlock an optional ending.


  • Be around level 45. This is the real final boss of the game, so your level should be as high as possible. Farm for metal slimes outside Azimuth town if you need more EXP.
  • Recruit Psaro. During Chapter 6 you can recruit Psaro to your party! He’ll be your strongest character, even more than the main Hero. See our guide on how to get him.
  • Gear up. Get the best weapons and armor available for each character first. Zenithian gear for the Hero, Liquid Metal gear for someone else, and the Pandemonium gear on Psaro (you can get that equipment by re-fighting the same boss you had to fight to recruit Psaro).

Fighting Aamon

After you recruit Psaro during Chapter 6, you’ll be able to fight Aamon, who was the real villain behind the Dragon Quest IV story. Aamon has taken over the Diabolic Hall.

Psaro will join your party to defeat Aamon | Dragon Quest IV
Psaro will join your party to defeat Aamon

Zoom to the Diabolic Hall and get to the throne room. Make sure you have the correct line-up (Psaro and Meena are almost mandatory for this fight) and are properly geared before talking to Aamon to start the final boss fight in the game.

Aamon (first phase) | Dragon Quest IV
Aamon (first phase)
1800HP, can cast Disruptive Wave, Meditation (restores his HP), Chew, Kaboom and Kafrizzle.
He looks like Psaro’s battle during Chapter 5. His Chew attack can paralyze you, and he has a lot of AOE attacks, so your Hero will be casting Omniheal a lot. Cast Insulatle and Kabuff on your team, and have Psaro cast Oomph on himself to attack with double damage. After a while he’ll grow some arms and legs.
Aamon (second phase) | Dragon Quest IV
Aamon (second phase)
2000HP, sometimes attacks twice, can cast Disruptive Wave, Scorch, Inferno, Kaboom and Stomp Attack.
He has the habit of casting Disruptive Wave often to dispel all your buffs, but you should still make sure to have Insulatle active at all times, as his breath attacks can do a lot of damage. Prioritize keeping your party healed at all times, and use mainly Psaro for attacking.
Aamon (third phase) | Dragon Quest IV
Aamon (third phase)
2000HP, sometimes attacks twice, can cast Beatdown, Stomp, Scorch, Disruptive Wave, Kaboom and Kafrizzle.
Aamon grows a second head now, and even his normal attacks hit a lot harder than in the previous phase. The strategy is similar to before; keep Insulatle active at all costs, cast Oomph on Psaro to make him do double damage and keep casting Omniheal with your hero to keep your party healthy. After some turns he’ll change to his final phase.
Aamon (Final Phase) | Dragon Quest IV
Aamon (Final Phase)
3800HP, sometimes attacks twice, can cast Cold Breath, Beatdown, Disruptive Wave, Lullab-eye, Stomp, Kafrizzle, Magic Burst and Evil Prayer (restores his MP)
Aamon becomes black and has A LOT of HP and new attacks. His Cold Breath can instantly kill your entire party if you don’t have Insulatle active. His Magic Burst Attack will damage your entire party, but he drains all his MP to do it, so the next turn he has to make an evil prayer to restore it. You’ll have your Hero casting Omniheal on your party almost every turn, and most of the time you’ll only be able to attack with Psaro. Luckily, Psaro’s attacks do a lot of damage so you can still bring him down only with him.
If you can manage to keep your Hero healing without running out of MP, you’ll beat this final phase after around 10-15 turns.

Congratulations! You’ve just beaten the final boss of the game. A new, alternative ending will play out, with the Zenithian Dragon thanking you. After saving your game, you won’t have a new extra chapter this time, you’ll just start your game before Aamon’s fight.