Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Defeat the Chimera
Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty: How to Defeat the Chimera

The Chimera is one of the hardest-to-kill bosses in the entirety of Cyberpunk 2077. It has extremely high heath, several stages, and has several attacks that kill you instantly if you don’t dodge. In this guide, I’ll go over all of the mechanics of the boss fight and give you some tips on how to defeat the boss as easily as possible.

Quick tips before I get into the guide:

  • Grab the Vulnerability Analysis perk. The Vulnerability Analysis perk from the Relic perk tree will allow you to detect weak spots in the armor of the Chimera. This is invaluable, as destroying one deals far more damage to the bot than any other attack you can make.
  • Switch floors frequently. The arena is constructed from 2 floors. Switch between them often to avoid attacks.
  • The Chimera destroys walls. The attacks the Chimera makes can destroy the walls of the arena, which will take your cover away. Try to leave as much cover standing as possible so you have where to hide during the final parts of the fight.
  • Grab one of the heavy machine guns if you can. The arena has 2 mounted machine guns (top floor, on the south-eastern side). These are great for dealing damage to the Chimera, but you need to have a high Body attribute to grab them.
  • Use an armor-piercing weapon. Weapons that pierce armor, such as charged Tech weapons with the Shock Value perk, or the SPT32 Grad sniper rifle, will be able to deal damage to the Chimera even if you don’t hit its exposed pieces.

Strengths of the Chimera

  • The Chimera is incredibly tough to kill, having the second highest HP of any enemy in the game. 
  • Its attacks all deal enough damage to kill the player within a few attacks. Dodging and staying mobile is a requirement.
    • Many of its attacks also have an area of effect that is larger than the visuals of the attack seem to imply. This means it’s better to dodge more than you think you need to.
  • Its protection against quickhacks is insane. Fighting it with a hacker build is almost impossible.
  • You cannot hide from the Chimera. While you’re fighting it, it always knows where you are. This means you can’t use stealth to your advantage.

Weaknesses of the Chimera

  • It’s completely stationary. At no point during the fight will it move from its position. This makes the direction of the attacks very predictable. You can also use this knowledge to shoot at it through walls with Tech Weapons.
  • During the fight, you’ll sometimes have some parts of it marked out in orange. These parts are weaker than a lot of the other parts, however, the best place to fire is around the joints and into weakspots marked out by the Vulnerability Analysis perk.

Fight Stages

The fight is comprised of 2 stages. 

During the first stage, you’ll have to destroy the Chimera’s weak points. The weak points will be marked out for you with an orange. Shoot at these enough and you’ll see an explosion. You can mark out the weak spots by scanning the Chimera. The explosion means that the weak point was destroyed and you can move on to the next one. The Vulnerability Analysis perk comes in clutch here, as it will mark out a weak spot for you every time you aim down sights as long as there is one visible in your field of view.

Weak spots marked out in orange | Cyberpunk 2077
Weak spots marked out in orange

Destroying all of the weak points will knock the Chimera down to 70% HP, and it will send out drones, including a single repair drone that the game will mark out for you with an objective marker. Destroy the marked-out drone immediately, as it will repair the Chimera if you let it live. Once it’s destroyed, destroy the other drones before moving back to the Chimera. 

You can use one of the mounted heavy machine guns in the arena to destroy the drones. The Chimera won’t attack you for a while, so you’ll be able to make great use of the gun for destroying the drones. 

During the second stage, you just have to keep shooting at the base of the Chimera. Even though you won’t see any hitmarkers, you are dealing damage, it may just not be noticeable.

The Chimera’s Attacks

Stage 1 attacks:

  • Laser sweep. The Chimera sweeps the entire arena with a laser beam. It can either sweep the top floor or the bottom floor, but never both at once. 

To dodge this attack, you can either switch floors as soon as possible (this is easier if you are jumping down from the top floor), or you can hide behind one of the walls or pillars, provided there are any that are still standing. If the laser is too close for you to dodge it normally, you can attempt to slide under the laser, this strategy works very well if you can time it well.

Laser Sweep attack | Cyberpunk 2077
Laser Sweep attack
  • Rectangular Laser cannon.

A telegraphed attack that deals insane damage. 

You’ll see the Chimera aim at you, while a rectangle-shaped light will appear around the top of its turret. If it’s not directed at you, you’ll also see a moving red targeting circle somewhere on the floor. If you see this attack, run as quickly as you can. This attack can pierce any cover in the arena and it can easily kill you with one hit, even if you’re at full HP. 

Rectangular laser shot being charged up | Cyberpunk 2077
Rectangular laser shot being charged up
Rectangular laser shot targetting circle behind a wall | Cyberpunk 2077
Rectangular laser shot targetting circle behind a wall
  • Machine Gun sweep. 

Similarly to the Laser sweep, the Chimera will sweep one of the two floors of the arena with its machine gun. 

Dodging it works identically to dodging the laser sweep.

Stage 2 attacks:

  • Machine Gun direct fire.

The Chimera will aim at the player and fire its machine gun directly at them. 

You’ll hear a wind-up noise before this attack goes off. Sprint away the moment you hear the noise, the Chimera can’t track you quickly enough to hit you if you don’t stop sprinting.

Machine gun fire | Cyberpunk 2077
Machine gun fire
  • Rocket barrage.

Probably the deadliest attack the Chimera has. The Chimera will try to predict where the player will be within the next few seconds and fire a barrage of micro-missiles there. 

You’ll see where each of the missiles will land by looking at the ground- there will be several orange targeting circles there. The Chimera will usually fire more than one barrage.

Rockets from the rocket barrage | Cyberpunk 2077
Rockets from the rocket barrage
  • Gas flood.

The Chimera will flood the first floor with toxic gas that can very quickly kill you. 

You’ll be able to tell this attack is about to happen by looking at the Chimera, if it’s standing up taller than usual, with the turret entirely above the floor of the top floor, it’s about to gas the arena. Very easy to avoid, as all you have to do is quickly jump onto the second floor, but it reduces your dodging options substantially.

Note that the Chimera only tends to use this attack very late into the fight. The earliest I got it to appear was at 40% HP.

First floor flooded by gas | Cyberpunk 2077
First floor flooded by gas

Best Strategies

As far as strategies are concerned, there is no silver bullet fix here, the boss is incredibly hard, but here are a couple of general tips.

  • Keep moving. This is the most important tip by far. All of the attacks made by the chimera are slower than your sprint speed and, since the 2.0 update, you can sprint infinitely. Keep sprinting, sliding, and dashing. If you have the Air Dash perk from the Movement branch of the Reflexes skill tree, you’ll be able to make great use of it here.
  • Avoid weapons that deal poison/fire damage. The Chimera is immune to poison and takes 30% less damage from fire. 
  • Use electrical weapons. The Chimera takes more damage from weapons that deal electrical damage.
  • Switch floors often. As mentioned previously, switching floors often will allow you to confuse the Chimera and give you more time to attack.§
  • Keep your health at 100%. Always keep an eye on your HP. Use your healing item whenever it’s available and you aren’t at 100%. You aren’t wasting a health item charge even if you are using it with only 50HP missing. That 50HP is more than likely going to be the difference between life and death.
  • Focus on dodging while below 50% HP. While you’re below 50% HP, any attack will instantly kill you. Focus on sprinting around the Chimera in circles and wait for your health items to recharge. 

Finishing the Fight

When you put the Chimera down to about 2% HP, it will fall down. During this time, you can jump up onto the Chimera and interact with a hatch there. Interacting with the hatch will finish the fight.

The Chimera in a downed state. Use one of the legs to climb up on top of it | Cyberpunk 2077
The Chimera in a downed state. Use one of the legs to climb up on top of it

Grab the Active Chimera Core

While not completely necessary, make sure to grab the Active Chimera Core that falls by your feet when you finish the fight. It can be used to create Iconic weapon modifications. There are 4 Iconic modifications that can be crafted from the core, but you can only craft one per playthrough. Choose wisely.

Active Chimera core on the ground after the Chimera is destroyed | Cyberpunk 2077
Active Chimera core on the ground after the Chimera is destroyed