How to get Erdrick’s Armour in Dragon Quest 1
Finding Erdrick's Armor | Dragon Quest I
Finding Erdrick’s Armor

Erdrick’s Armor is found in the abandoned town of Damdara, guarded by a boss monster and is the best armor in the game. It’s an optional armor and isn’t required to complete the game but is highly recommended.

Before you attempt to get it, here are some tips to prepare yourself:

  • Be at least level 16. If you’re not there yet, you can grind at Garin’s Grave until you’re 14 then grind the rest in the desert west of Cantlin. Don’t enter the town you’ll see in the desert yet.
  • Have at least 60 MP. The boss battle will be difficult so you’ll be casting a lot of spells.
  • Gear up. Equip yourself with the following items for an easier time:
    • Full Plate Armor – Buy in Rimuldar 
    • Flame Sword and Silver Shield – Buy in Cantlin
    • Dragon Scale – Buy at any Item Shop. 
    • The Warrior’s Ring (Optional) – Found in Craggy Cave.
    • Buy all the Medicinal Herbs that you can carry as well as a Fairy Water or two.

Heading to Damdara

Starting at Tantegel Castle | Dragon Quest I
Starting at Tantegel Castle

From Tantegel Castle, start walking west. It will be a long journey so you can avoid fights using Fairy Water or casting Repel.

Walk north and west, as if you were heading for Galenholm, until you reach the western sea, then head south until you see a bridge and cross it. 

Cross this bridge and keep heading south. | Dragon Quest I
Cross this bridge and keep heading south.

Keep heading south past the swamp, casting Repel as needed, and cross the second bridge. Walk a bit more and you’ll find the desert and the abandoned town of Damdara. You’ll find Erdrick’s Armor here.

The town of Damdara. | Dragon Quest I
The town of Damdara.

Going through Damdara

Note: The blue tiles are poisonous and every step on one will cause you damage so be sure to keep track of your HP as you make your way through.

Here are the enemies you encounter in Damdara:

Cosmic Chimaera738Fire Breath, Midheal
Green Dragon66NoneFire Breath
Vis Mager6816Fizzle, Sizzle

Once you’re in, head south and move all the way east. Be mindful of the Cosmic Chimaeras that can only be damaged by physical attacks and the Vis Magers that cast Sizzle, a stronger version of Sizz that can seriously damage you. 

On the east side of Damdara you should see a spark indicating a hidden item. Don’t go near yet as this will trigger the boss battle. Heal yourself and make sure you have enough MP to cast Fizzle and a lot of heals. If you do not have enough MP and had to use up MP items to get to this point, you may be underleveled. It’s recommended to cast Evac, head back to Galenholm to heal, then grind a couple more levels and try again.

This pond will damage you but you still have to cross it to get the armor. | Dragon Quest I
This pond will damage you but you still have to cross it to get the armor.

Once you’re ready, touch the spark to start the fight with the guardian of Erdrick’s Armour: The Knight Aberrant.

The Knight Aberrant | Dragon Quest I
The Knight Aberrant
Knight Aberrant
78 HP – 4 MP – Can cast Snooze
As soon as you start the fight, cast Fizzle on him to prevent him from casting Snooze on you. Heal yourself every time your HP goes below 60. Keep healing and only attack when you know you can take more than one hit. He should go down after three to four attacks.

After defeating the Knight Aberrant, examine the spark on the ground to find Erdrick’s Armor. Equip it and you will no longer take damage from the pond. Exit Damdara through the southeast to continue on your journey.

The Benefits of Erdrick’s Armor

Although it is an optional armor, Erdrick’s Armor is one of the strongest in the game as it provides numerous benefits:

  • Highest Defense. The armor provides you with +28 Defense, one of the highest defense stats of any armor in the game.
  • Passive Healing. Every step you take restores 1 HP. This is invaluable in saving MP and HP healing items.
  • Nullifies Damaging Tiles. Poisonous bogs, swamps and magic tiles will no longer deal damage when you walk over them.
  • Magic & Breath Damage Reduction. On top of the high defense, the armor reduces Magic and Breath-type damage by 33%.