How to get the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle in Fallout: New Vegas

The Gobi Campaign Scout rifle is a unique sniper rifle that deals nearly double the critical hit damage, has 1 more round in the magazine, decreased spread, and fires faster.

These characteristics make it one of the best weapons in the game for a critical hit build. In the base game, it’s one the best weapons for critical hit builds. With DLCs, it has to compete with Paciencia and Christine’s CoS Silencer Rifle, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages over this rifle. 

Some tips before heading off to get the rifle:

  • 100 Lockpick Required. The gun is locked in a “Very Hard” locked case for which no key exists.
  • Do not force the lock. If you force the lock on the case, you may break the lock, which will lead to the gun becoming unobtainable unless you take the Infiltrator perk.

Acquiring the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

Travel to the “Sniper’s Nest” located directly west of Cottonwood Cove, east of Camp Searchlight and south of Ranger Station Echo.

Location of the Sniper's Nest on the map. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of the Sniper’s Nest on the map. 

It’s a small, decrepit shack located on a hill, overlooking Cottonwood Cove. You must come from the west or south, as the hills to the east and north are too steep to climb.

Location of the Sniper's Nest from an elevated view. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Location of the Sniper’s Nest from an elevated view.

Once you’re there, enter the shack and look for a small metal container, labeled “Gun Case”. Pick the lock, and the gun will be inside.

Case that contains the gun. | Fallout: New Vegas
Case that contains the gun.

Comparison of the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle to the Sniper Rifle

While the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle is generally superior to its base model, it has some major disadvantages. One particularly stands out: unlike the regular sniper rifle, it cannot be equipped with a suppressor

This is a deal-breaker for most stealth builds, as firing it even once is enough to reveal one’s position, especially while the player is in close proximity to the enemies. It also means the player is more likely to suffer reputation loss from killing NPCs related to factions.

Here are its other differences:

  • While the base Sniper Rifle is heavier (8 pounds vs 4.5 pounds), a Sniper Rifle with the carbon fiber parts upgrade is lighter (3 pounds vs 4.5 pounds).
  • It costs fewer AP to fire in VATS (27 AP/shot vs 24 AP/shot).
  • The gun deals more critical hit damage (45 vs 80) and has a higher base damage (45 vs 48).
  • It has a 10% lower spread.
  • It fires faster (1.93 attacks/second vs 2.14 attacks/second)
  • It has double the durability.
  • Holds 1 additional round in the magazine.

Tips for using the Gobi Campaign Scout Rifle

While the weapon is incredibly powerful, it needs some perks to maximize its efficiency. Most of these involve boosting the weapon’s primary strength: High critical hit damage and critical chance.

  • The Better Criticals perk will increase the critical hit damage of the weapon by 50%. 
  • The Light Touch perk will increase your critical chance by 5% while wearing Light or no armor (Dead Money DLC required). 
  • The Finesse perk will increase your chance to critically hit by 5%. 
  • The Built to Destroy trait will increase the gun’s chance to critically hit by 3%. 
  • The equipment 1st Recon Beret and Ulysses’ Duster (Lonesome Road DLC required) each increase the gun’s chance to critically hit by an additional 5%. 
  • A Luck SPECIAL stat of 10 will increase your critical hit chance by 10%. 
  • While using V.A.T.S., the player has a 5% higher critical hit chance.
  • The Sniper perk grants a higher chance to hit the opponent’s head in V.A.T.S. If you want to use V.A.T.S., using it is highly recommended.
  • The Hand Loader perk allows you to make .308 JSP ammunition, which increases your base damage by 30%. Due to JSP ammo having the same ingredients as regular .308, you can break your regular ammo down and use the parts to make JSP ammo