Cyberpunk 2077 2.01 Update Iconic “Headsman” Shotgun Guide
Cyberpunk 2077 2.01 Update Iconic “Headsman” Shotgun Guide

During the entire time of the game’s existence, the Headsman shotgun has always been among the best of the best. After the 2.0 update, the shotgun has gone through some major changes. In this guide I’ll describe where you can find the gun, what makes it so powerful, and share a few tips on using the shotgun.

Quick tips before you head off to grab this weapon:

  • Located in a dangerous area. The crafting spec for the weapon can only be found inside an incredibly dangerous area, filled with turrets, drones, security robots, heavily armed and high-tier Millitech human opponents, and even a Millitech Mech.
  • Unlike most other shotguns. Unlike every other shotgun in the game, this shotgun fires a single, incredibly accurate projectile. Due to this, you will use it in a very different way when compared to all other shotguns.
  • Must be crafted. The weapon itself cannot be found in the game, however, you can acquire the crafting spec for the weapon, which will allow you to make it yourself through the crafting menu. Remember that doing this will require you to spend some item components on it.


To acquire this weapon, you’ll have to kill the Militech Mech, referred to as the “Minotaur” in the game files, located in the North Oak part of Westbrook.

Location of the Minotaur | Cyberpunk 2077
Location of the Minotaur

The Minotaur is inside of a warehouse, which itself is filled to the brim with Millitech enemies, which are far stronger than any of the gangster-type enemies you can find throughout Night City.

To get inside the area, you can simply drive inside using the road that leads to the facility, but that will mean that you’ll have to fight through/sneak past a lot of enemies. 

Instead, make your way to the facility, and walk around to the northeast corner of the facility. While there is a tall wall that separates the facility from the outside, you can jump over it at this spot, right at the northeast corner of the wall. 

You’ll be able to jump over the wall here without any perks or cyberware.

Location of the place where you can jump over the wall | Cyberpunk 2077
Location of the place where you can jump over the wall
Image of where you can jump over the wall from a 1st person perspective | Cyberpunk 2077
Image of where you can jump over the wall from a 1st person perspective

The warehouse with the Minotaur is located in the northeast part of the facility just behind the wall from where I showed the jump. If you chose a different entrance, you’ll know it’s the right place if you see a warehouse with 2 entrances.

Entrances to the warehouse where the Minotaur is located | Cyberpunk 2077
Entrances to the warehouse where the Minotaur is located
Minotaur inside the warehouse | Cyberpunk 2077
Minotaur inside the warehouse

Kill the Minotaur and loot the crafting spec off of it. You’ll now be able to craft the Headsman. 

Be extremely cautious while fighting the Minotaur. It’s an incredibly powerful mech that can wipe your entire HP bar within one or two attacks, even on lower difficulties. It’s also incredibly resistant to fire damage and quickhacks. Using a weapon that deals shock damage is advised.  

Crafting spec on the destroyed Minotaur | Cyberpunk 2077
Crafting spec on the destroyed Minotaur

Unique Effects

As mentioned in the quick tips, this shotgun differs substantially from its non-Iconic counterpart, the M2038 Tactician.

  • Fires a single powerful projectile instead of a spread of pellets.
  • Comes with a Kanetsugu pistol red dot sight which cannot be removed or replaced.
  • Has a 33% increased range.
  • Has a 25% higher crit chance (multiplicative bonus to the regular crit chance you can see in your Stats screen).
  • Deals 50% more crit damage.
  • Hitting a headshot will increase your reload speed by 25% and your accuracy by 10% for 5 seconds.
    • All headshots during the 5-second window will deal critical damage.
  • The base damage is reduced by 10%.
  • This actually isn’t as bad as it may sound, because you’ll practically never hit all of the pellets that the regular M2038 Tactician fires, so the damage will end up being higher the vast majority of the time.
  • Magazine capacity down to 6 from the previous 8.
  • Knockdown chance is reduced by 20% compared to the regular model.
  • Reload time is increased by 10% compared to the regular model.

Build Tips

  • The “Rush Of Blood” perk from the Shotguns and LMGs branch of the Body skill tree will be integral while using this weapon, as it will allow you to reload it far faster, thus mitigating the otherwise painfully slow shell-by-shell reload.
  • The second rank of the “Die! Die! Die!” perk can be acquired very early on at just 9 points in Body, but it will dramatically increase the weapon’s fire rate (which is otherwise very lacking.
  • The fire rate of The Headsman is not reduced while under the effects of a Kerenzikov, Sandevistan, or any other effect that slows down time.