How to defeat Calasmos in Dragon Quest XI
How to defeat Calasmos in Dragon Quest XI

Calasmos is one of the most difficult bosses in Dragon Quest XI and is required to get the True Ending.

Some Quick Tips to know before taking on Calasmos are:

  1. Give The Super Sword of Light to the Hero and “Use” it as soon as the fight starts. Received in Act 3, using this as an item will greatly weaken Calasmos. Without it, even a party of 90+ characters will struggle.
  2. Equip the best weapons and armor available. Rebuilding Cobblestone will unlock Derk’s store that sells endgame equipment.
  3. Calasmos is significantly stronger in the 3D Version than in the 3DS/2D version. You will need to be a higher level in the 3D version (75+) than the 3DS/2D version (60+).
  4. Defeat summoned Darklings as soon as possible. Aside from being more sources of damage to your party, they can also heal Calasmos.
  5. Don’t neglect buffs / debuffs. Use attack buffs like Oomphle on your main attacker and defense debuffs on Calasmos to boost your damage.
  6. Destroy the limbs first, then rush the main body. Calasmos may revive its limbs after they’re destroyed when it is close to defeat. At this point in the fight, it’s better to focus the main body than to waste time on the limbs.

The rest of the guide will focus more on the details of the fight:

Using The Super Sword of Light to Dispel Calasmos Aura

Hero dispelling Calasmos aura. | Dragon Quest XI
Hero dispelling Calasmos aura.

The ability to “Use” equipment as an item is not something readily explained in DQ XI. One of the most important equipment that you can use is the Super Sword of Light given to you in Act 3. You can “Use” this sword to dispel Calasmos’ aura which greatly weakens it.

Hero with the Super Sword of Light equipped. | Dragon Quest XI
Hero with the Super Sword of Light equipped.

To use the Super Sword of Light as an item, you first need to have it equipped on Hero. Then once in the fight go to items and select the Super Sword of Light from the menu and use it as you would any other item.

Preparations for the Battle

It is recommended that your party average be around level 75 and getting the best equipment you are able to get.

Note: You can find the best equipment in the game in the Luminary trial as well as as Derk’s store once Cobblestone is rebuilt.

The Battle

The following chart shows Calasmos’s stats:

11.000 (body)5.000 (arms)infinite (3D)999 (3DS/2D)720 (3D)570 (3DS/2D)520320 (3D)250 (3DS/2D)

Calasmos attacks with its claw, cannon and his body. The claw does a lot of physical damage and the cannon attacks everyone and summons Darklings. The body does magic attacks, breath attacks, and debuffs.

Start of the battle using the Super Sword of Light as an item to remove Calasmos’ aura and focus on taking down the hands as fast as possible.

If Darklings are summoned, defeat them immediately by using one of the attacks of the Hero that damages all enemies (such as Quadraslash or the splitter attacks) or using Veronica’s Kaboomle. If left alive, they will cause additional damage to your party and can also heal Calasmos.

Kill Darklings as fast as possible. | Dragon Quest XI
Kill Darklings as fast as possible.

If things get rough remember that you can put some allies on the standby team using the Tactics menu in the options.

A combo to do high damage is to combine using Sap (Rab or Veronica) and then Oomphle (Sylvando or Veronica) on Erick. Then poison the enemy, followed by using Divide with Erick and in the next turn using Victimiser.

Erick using Victimiser after having used Divide | Dragon Quest XI
Erick using Victimiser after having used Divide.

Tip: For poisoning, you can use the skill Cobra Strike with Erick or Kiss Me Deadly with Sylvando, both of which have a 50% chance of poisoning the target.

Serena will be your best choice for healing as she can use Omniheal to heal the entire party as well as and Grace of the Goddess to resurrect if she herself dies.

Serena using Grace of the Goddess. | Dragon Quest XI
Serena using Grace of the Goddess.

Once the arms are both defeated, focus on buffing yourself, debuffing the enemy and focusing the body. Use multi-hit attacks like Sword Dance (Hero), A Cut Above (Hendrick), and Multifeet (Jade).

If you are in a difficult situation, some last resort skills to use are Veronica’s Magic Burst that drains all of her MP but does a lot of damage or Kerplunk which sacrifices Hendrick or Serena but resurrects and heals all allies.

When Calasmos is nearly defeated, he may summon a giant fireball that will give you two turns to prepare as well freeze all but one of your characters. He may also revive both of his arms but only at half their HP. At this point, it is better to focus the body rather than waste time destroying the arms again.

Calasmos summons a giant fireball, indicating it is near death. | Dragon Quest XI
Calasmos summons a giant fireball, indicating it is near death.

If Calasmos’ health is in orange, it means that he is at about 1000-2000 HP so you do your best to finish him off.