How to get Married in Harvest Moon SNES

Getting married in Harvest Moon for SNES has four requirements:

  1. The bachelorette you want to marry must have at least 5 hearts of affection.
  2. You must have upgraded your house at least once.
  3. You must have the Blue Feather item.
  4. You must propose at the right place and time which is mostly the same for each girl.

This guide will detail each step required to marry any of the bachelorettes.

Affection Level

How to get Married in Harvest Moon SNES

One requirement is to raise the target bachelorette’s affection level to at least 250 points. Affection can be raised in the following ways:

  1. Giving the girl gifts she likes. The affection increases of gifts changes depending on where the girl is. Follow our gift giving guide to maximize the affection gain.
  2. Conversations with the girls where you have an option to select a response. You can’t lose affection, but one option will give more than another. Follow our Conversation Guide so you always pick the best answers.

You can check a girl’s affection level by reading their diary found in their room and seeing how many hearts are in their diary. Each heart is 50 points, so you need to see at least 5 hearts in their diary for them to be eligible for marriage.

An Upgraded Home

The first house upgrade. | Harvest Moon SNES
The first house upgrade.

Another requirement is that you must have upgraded your house at least once.

To get the first house upgrade, you first need to collect the required materials:

  1. 250 Wood Pieces – Clearing all the stumps on your farm should give you enough, otherwise chop the rest on the Mountain.
  2. 5000 Gold – Follow our Money Making Guide to get 5000 Gold as fast as possible.

After you have the materials, speak with the Carpenters found on the Mountain to initiate the upgrade.

The Blue Feather

The Peddler selling the Blue Feather | Harvest Moon SNES
The Peddler selling the Blue Feather

Another requirement is that you will need the Blue Feather item that is sold by the Peddler on Sundays for 1000 G. However, he will only sell the Blue Feather once you have completed the previous two requirements of having a girl at 5 hearts and the first home upgrade, so you can consider that to be an indicator of when you’ve completed all the necessary requirements.

Once you purchase it, it will be sent to your Tool Shed and can be equipped and used like a tool.

Right Place, Right Time

Using the Blue Feather. | Harvest Moon SNES
Using the Blue Feather.

Once you have the Blue Feather, you can only propose to the girl in the following scenario:

  1. It must be a Saturday (or a Sunday for Nina) that also cannot be a festival day.
  2. The weather on that day must be Sunny.

With the scenario met, go to the girl and use the Blue Feather item next to them to propose. A cutscene of the wedding will play and after it is over, the day will end and you will start at your home with your new wife in your home.

WARNING: The wedding will immediately end your day. Be sure to complete all your farm chores such as feeding your animals and watering your crops before you propose or you will lose a day of crop growth and potentially sick cows due to missing a feeding.

Who will you choose? | Harvest Moon SNES
Who will you choose?