How to get the Industrial Hand unarmed weapon in Fallout: New Vegas
How to get the Industrial Hand unarmed weapon in Fallout: New Vegas

The Industrial Hand unarmed weapon was added as a part of the Lonesome Road DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, with the earliest one obtainable at Ashton Silo Control Station. While it’s not technically a unique weapon, only a handful are scattered throughout the Divide.

Its greatest strength comes from the ability to completely ignore Damage Threshold and Damage Resistance in addition to the staggering attack speed of 3.2 attacks per second. These two characteristics make it a must have for all unarmed builds, as it allows the user to easily dispatch enemies wearing power armor or enemies like Deathclaws, Supermutants and high-level Robots.

Some tips before getting the industrial hand:

  • Lonesome Road DLC required. The player must have the Lonesome Road DLC installed before the weapon can be acquired.
  • Finite Number. As the weapon is not on any leveled lists, it cannot be purchased or found on enemies. This means there is only a finite number of Industrial Hands that can be acquired during a playthrough.

Acquiring the Industrial Hand

One Industrial Hand can be found in a location that every player will visit, as it is right next to a main objective of the quest “The Launch”. Simply play through the DLC until you get to this quest and it will eventually lead you to a location called “Ashton Silo Control Station”. 

Location of the Ashton Silo Control Station on the map. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of the Ashton Silo Control Station on the map.

Once here, enter the destroyed part of the bunker.

Doorway that leads to the Industrial Hand. | Fallout: New Vegas
Doorway that leads to the Industrial Hand. 

Look to your right. The metal footlocker with the Industrial Hand will be located on a shelf right next to you.

Footlocker that contains the Industrial Hand. | Fallout: New Vegas
Footlocker that contains the Industrial Hand. 
Industrial Hand in the container. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Industrial Hand in the container.

Tips on using the Industrial Hand

The Industrial Hand is very unique among all other unarmed weapons, as it is “fully automatic” (it continuously attacks while the player is holding the attack button).

  • Unarmed weapons deal 2x damage in VATS, so using VATS is definitely recommended.
  • The Piercing Strike perk sounds like it would do nothing with the weapon, but due to an error in the code, it actually increases the weapon’s DPS substantially.
  • The Weapon Binding Ritual (Honest Hearts DLC required) increases the weapon’s damage by a flat 10 with each attack, which is incredibly powerful due to the automatic nature of the weapon.
  • The Legion Assault, Ranger Takedown and Khan Trick unarmed moves are impossible to perform while holding this weapon.
  • This weapon has the highest critical hit damage (40) and critical hit multiplier (1x) of all automatic unarmed weapons. 

This, when combined with an engine bug that makes the weapon check for critical hits every tick, rather than second, makes this a tremendous weapon for critical hit builds (check out our critical hit build here). With that build, you can expect about a 6-9 times DPS increase over a regular build while using the Industrial Hand.