Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 Update: Item and Crafting Changes Explained
Crafting System | Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077’s 2.0 update has completely reworked the way items work, from the way they scale over time, to the way they are crafted or purchased. This guide will tell you all you need to know about the item and crafting changes in Cyberpunk 2077.

Quick notes before we get to the guide:

  • Crafting components can no longer be bought. Before the update, you could go buy your crafting components at any merchant. That has changed. To get crafting components, you have to disassemble weapons you find/buy, or craft the components using lower-tier ones.


Before, items were separated into rarities from Common to Legendary. This has been replaced with a tier system.

Tiers go from 1 to 5, and each tier also has a “+” and a “++” variant. This means that you will start off the game with tier 1 weapons, then go to tier 1+, then tier 1++, tier 2, and so on until you reach tier 5++.

You can tell the tier of an item by looking at its color in the inventory. White is tier 1, green is tier 2, blue is tier 3, purple is tier 4, and orange is tier 5.

As you progress through the game, enemies will have higher-tier weapons. Eventually, enemies will spawn with tier 4 and 5 weapons. Always pick up high-tier weapons to scrap them, the components are very important to all builds now.

Item Scaling and Upgrading

Before the update, every item had a hidden “level”, for example, your starting weapon was a level 1 common-rarity Unity pistol. By upgrading it through the upgrade menu under crafting, you could raise its level to 2. 

Now it works differently. By upgrading a weapon, you raise its tier by 1 step. This means that by upgrading that same starting pistol, you’d upgrade from a tier 1 Unity pistol to a tier 1+ Unity pistol.

Tiers replace all scaling and rarity by combining the two together. 

It’s important to note that only weapons and cyberware (which can be upgraded at a ripperdoc clinic) can be upgraded to tiers with pluses. Items like healing items and grenades will go directly from tier 1 to tier 2 once you upgrade them by finding, buying, or crafting the higher tier item.


Unlike before, crafting an item only requires one resource- a crafting resource of the same tier as the item you are attempting to craft (eg. to craft a tier 5 Unity pistol you need 30 tier 5 crafting components).

Cost of crafting a tier 5 Unity pistol after the 2.0 patch. | Cyberpunk 2077
Cost of crafting a tier 5 Unity pistol after the 2.0 patch

Crafting and upgrading are no longer locked behind perks in the technical tree as they were before the update. This means that you can craft and use a tier 5 item at level 1, provided that you (somehow) manage to get a tier 5 crafting spec and the necessary components.


Vendors that sell weapons now scale much more gradually, selling higher-tier weapons and cyberware as you level up, rather than selling legendary weapons at level 1 as they did before the update.

It’s worth checking out any vendor you pass by, especially a weapon vendor, as they tend to have higher tiers of weapons than what you can usually find by exploring or even crafting. 

Tier 4 weapons in the merchant inventory. At this level, enemies drop weapon of tier 2 or 3. | Cyberpunk 2077
Tier 4 weapons in the merchant inventory. At this level, enemies drop weapon of tier 2 or 3.

Vendors now also sell weapon modifications and attachments far more frequently and in far larger numbers, so you are much more likely to find the weapon mods/attachments that you actually want.

Weapon Modification

Weapon modification has also been changed. All of the old weapon modifications have been replaced with new, more unique modifications that change the behavior of the weapon more significantly. 

For example,  the “Pax” weapon mod doesn’t just make the weapon it’s attached to non-lethal (as it did before the update), it now also increases the damage you deal outside of combat by a large amount and decreases your damage in combat slightly.

Pax mod after patch 2.0 | Cyberpunk 2077
Pax mod after patch 2.0

You can also upgrade weapon mods to a higher tier by combining 2 of the same upgrades in the crafting menu.

After attaching a weapon mod, they cannot be replaced or removed. Ever. Choose the mods you put on your weapon carefully.