How to find Jade Water in Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout
Material Type Elemental Type Best Harvest Location Harvest Tool Required Item Number
(Water), (Elixir) (Ice), (Lightning) Liese Valley - Valley Path N/A 187

There are two methods you can get Jade Water from depending on your progress of the game:

  • By harvesting Water Gathering Points with the at Liese Valley and Pynnor Holy Tower, with the fastest being Liese Valley – Valley Path
  • Using a Travel Bottle to create a world that has Jade Water as one of it’s gatherable materials.

No gathering tools are needed to get Foamy Water, so it can be done at any time.

Locations for Farming Jade Water

Liese Valley – Valley Path

To get Jade Water, first head to Liese Valley – Valley Path.

Go straight through the tunnel and past the first big rock on the right.

You’ll see a Water Gathering Node under a tree just past the first big rock formation.

When you gather at this node, you’ll get both Clear Water and Foamy Water in roughly equivalent amounts. It never runs out so if you spam Gather for a minute or two, you’ll collect enough Foamy Water and Clean Water to fill up your inventory and fulfill pretty much any of your synthesizing needs.

Using Travel Bottles to farm Jade Water

Typically, we would include a Travel Bottle section along with a list of available bottle codes you can use to access areas with Jade Water. However, the method described above is so much faster and effortless that there would be absolutely no benefit to using Travel Bottles to farm Jade Water even if you wanted to split farm two materials.

In the amount of time it would take you to input the bottle code, load into the travel bottle world, run around and harvest the roughly 10 to 16 Jade Water in the travel bottle world while avoiding combat with the world’s enemies then exiting the world, you could have collected enough Jade Water from the Sweet River source to fill up your entire inventory.

For this reason, we won’t be including a Travel Bottle section for Jade Water. The original method is simply the superior method regardless of your progress in the game.

Synthesis Uses for Jade Water

Jade Water is a required material for the following recipes:

Recipes that require Jade Water
Super Steel GearJade Water, Staltium, (Ore), (Flower)

Aside from those, it can be used to full the following material requirements for any other synthesis:

  • Material: (Water), (Elixir)
  • Element: (Ice), (Lightning)

In-game Description

Guide Description:

“A glittery, green, semi-transparent liquid. Due to its fantastical appearence, people often keep it in clear containers and use it as a decoration.”