How to get two K-9000 Cyberdog Guns in Fallout: New Vegas
The K9000 Cyberdog Gun | Fallout: New Vegas
The K9000 Cyberdog Gun

WARNING: This article contains minor spoilers for the opening of the Old World Blues DLC.

The K9000 Cyberdog Gun is a unique heavy machine gun added with the Old World Blues DLC obtainable during the “Think Tank Prologue Conversation” at the start of the game and at the X-12 Research Center. It uses ammunition that is usually reserved for cowboy builds.

Despite being unique, two of these weapons that can be acquired although you can lock your way out of one if you make the wrong decisions.

Getting both of the guns is recommended as there is a blueprint for an upgraded version of the gun called “FIDO”. However, this version of the gun uses different ammunition and does not accept weapon mods. The guides for the upgrades can be found here.

Quick tips before setting out to get the guns:

  • Guns skill of 50 or more required. To get one of the two weapons, you must pass a Guns check of 50.
  • Old World Blues DLC required. The gun was added with the Old World Blues DLC, which means that you must own the DLC and have it installed before you can acquire the guns.
  • Old World Blues not being started required. Due to the fact that one of the weapons is acquired in the prologue conversation of the DLC, if you progress beyond that point, you’ll never be able to get the gun. 

Getting The Guns

Location 1: The Think Tank Prologue Conversation

Soon after starting the DLC, you’ll find yourself talking to 5 “think tanks” (floating brains of scientists in jars with monitors instead of faces). The conversation will reveal the DLC’s premise. 

Scientists to converse with. | Fallout: New Vegas
Scientists to converse with. 

Eventually, you’ll reach a point in the conversation where the scientists start talking about giving you a weapon. The weapon they are talking about is the Sonic Emitter which is not the weapon we’re here for. Instead, you’ll see a [Guns 50] check, asking for something that “spits lead”. Pick that dialogue choice and the gun will be given to you.

Correct dialogue option. | Fallout: New Vegas
Correct dialogue option.

Location 2: The X-12 Research Center

The 2nd weapon is located behind a force field in the X-12 Research Center. To get past the force field, you’ll have to get an upgrade for the Sonic Emitter, which enables it to turn off Big Mountain force fields. 

To do this, simply follow the Main Quest “Sonic Emitter Upgrade”. This quest will be given to you after you finish the prologue of the quest.

Once you have the Sonic Emitter Upgrade, you may proceed to X-12, which is located just east of the Think Tank.

Location of X - 12. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of X-12.

Once you get to X-12, you’ll see the blue forcefield that you must disable right away. Shoot at it with the Sonic Emitter and descend down the stairs. 

Force field to disable. | Fallout: New Vegas
Force field to disable.

Eventually, you’ll find a Y-17 Trauma Harness, which is a skeleton-like enemy with a high DT and plenty of HP. Kill it and you’ll be able to pick the gun off of its corpse.

Trauma harness to kill. | Fallout: New Vegas
Trauma harness to kill.

Be wary of the 3 additional Trauma Harnesses that will spawn once you kill the first one at the bottom.

Tips for using the K-9000 Cyberdog Gun

  • Thanks to its high spread and high rate of fire, it’s suitable for close-range builds that utilize heavy weapons.
    • The high spread can be mitigated by using the “Trigger Discipline” trait, but it will come with a fire rate penalty.
  • Getting both of the weapon mods (guide for those here) will increase the weapon’s DPS tremendously, as the Mentat Chow upgrade provides an extra 40% rate of fire and the Resla Roil upgrade provides an extra 2 damage per shot. 
  • The cheap .357 magnum ammunition that this weapon utilizes makes it ideal for dispatching weaker enemies without wasting precious ammo types. Especially while using HP or JHP ammunition.
  • The easy accessibility of both the weapon and ammo make it a great early-game alternative to the ammo-hungry and low-damage minigun.