How to learn the Legion Assault special unarmed move in Fallout: New Vegas
How to learn the Legion Assault special unarmed move in Fallout: New Vegas

The Legion Assault is a special, unarmed move you can learn from Lucius, located in The Fort.

Quick tips before you go learn the move:

  • Unarmed skill of 50 and a high Legion reputation required. Learning the Legion Takedown requires an Unarmed skill of 50 or more to learn. This level doesn’t have to be permanent, using skill magazines or other ways of increasing Unarmed temporarily will work.

You also need an “Accepted” reputation or above with Caesar’s Legion. You can avoid having to raise your reputation by wearing a Legion disguise.

  • Ring A Ding Ding must be finished. To learn this move, you must first complete the main story quest “Ring A Ding Ding”, which will unlock The Fort. If you haven’t finished it yet, simply follow the main storyline until you do.

Learning the Legion Assault

Once you’ve finished the Ring a Ding Ding quest, you must either obtain an “Accepted” reputation with the Legion or get a Legion disguise, by either stealing a Legion uniform, finding it somewhere in the game world, or killing a legionnaire and taking their uniform. 

Next, you must raise your Unarmed skill to 50, or get items that will allow you to raise it to 50 (eg. a Boxing Times magazine).

Once you have both, travel to Cottonwood Cove, located east of Camp Searchlight.

Location of Cottonwood Cove | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of Cottonwood Cove

Once there, head to the pier area and speak to the legionnaire waiting by the raft and ask him to take you to the Fort.

Raft that leads to the Fort | Fallout: New Vegas
Raft that leads to the Fort

Once at the Fort, simply follow the dirt path until you eventually make it to the main gate of the camp. 

Dirt path to head through | Fallout: New Vegas
Dirt path to head through
Staircase to climb | Fallout: New Vegas
Staircase to climb
Main gate of the camp | Fallout: New Vegas
Main gate of the camp

Once inside the camp, you’ll see an arena. Take a right to go around it and go to the highest point of the area to reach Caesar’s tent. 

The arena to get around | Fallout: New Vegas
The arena to get around
Entrance to Ceaser's Tent | Fallout: New Vegas
Entrance to Ceasar’s Tent

Inside, you’ll find a person named Lucius, if you meet both of the aforementioned requirements, an [Unarmed 50] dialogue option will appear. Selecting it will have Lucius teach you the move.

Image of Lucius | Fallout: New Vegas
Image of Lucius

Effects of the Legion Assault

To perform the Legion Assault, make a power attack (by holding down the attack button) with your fists or with an unarmed weapon while moving forward. In third person, you’ll leap forward and make a sort-of downward fist strike.

This attack will knock the opponent down, allowing you to attack them more relentlessly, or, if you have an unarmed skill of 50, you’ll be able to perform the “Stomp” attack in V.A.T.S.

This attack is rather useful, as it replaces the unassuming and weak charge attack with an attack that has a powerful secondary effect in addition to dealing damage. It also pairs well with the Ranger Takedown (guide here), as it allows the player to knock down enemies in more ways than one, depending on what is more beneficial based on their situation.