Cyberpunk 2077 2.02 Iconic Lizzie Tech Pistol (Best Tech Pistol In The Game)
Cyberpunk 2077 2.02 Iconic Lizzie Tech Pistol (Best Tech Pistol In The Game)

Tech weapons are some of the most powerful weapons in the game, Iconic or not. This tech pistol, Lizzie, is arguably the best tech weapon in the game, you can acquire it within the first hour of Act II, and you don’t even have to pay for it or fight any enemies. In this guide, I’ll show you how to get this gun and share a few tips on how to make the most out of it.

Quick notes before I get into the guide:

  • Missable. If you don’t get this gun during a specific quest, it becomes unobtainable.
    • Can be re-acquired if you have Phantom Liberty. The Black Market dealer in the Phantom Liberty DLC will sell you any missable weapons you didn’t pick up during your playthrough, this includes Lizzie.


To acquire this pistol, you’ll have to be on the quest “Automatic Love,” which you’ll receive right after you finish the first quest of Act II – “Playing For Time.”

Once you’re on that quest, you’ll be tasked with going to Lizzie’s Bar. Go there. Keep in mind you can only enter at night.

You’ve already been through here a few times during your playthrough. Go to the same place you did before: 

Go through the door beside the bar.

Door beside the bar  | Cyberpunk 2077
Door beside the bar

Turn to the right and go to the backstage area.

Backstage area entrance | Cyberpunk 2077
Backstage area entrance

Head through the door that will automatically slide open for you and into the makeup lounge.

Makeup lounge entrance | Cyberpunk 2077
Makeup lounge entrance

Turn right again and walk through the door there.

Door on the right side of the makeup lounge | Cyberpunk 2077
Door on the right side of the makeup lounge

Walk down the stairs.

Stairs leading to the basement | Cyberpunk 2077
Stairs leading to the basement

Once you reach the basement, head through the large double door and go into the server room.

Server room | Cyberpunk 2077
Server room

Now you’ll see Judy arguing with a Joytoy, but don’t pay attention to them yet. Instead of going left towards them, turn right again, there is a door in the back part of that room. Go through that door instead.

Door in the server room | Cyberpunk 2077
Door in the server room

You’ll see a small room with a circular table in the middle Lizzie is lying on it.

Room with the round table | Cyberpunk 2077
Room with the round table
Lizze on the table | Cyberpunk 2077
Lizze on the table

Unique Effects

The unique effects of this gun are very straightforward, but also very powerful. 

  • It fires 4 bullets in a diamond pattern per trigger pull instead of 3, despite still only consuming 1 ammo per shot.
  • When fully charged, it fires 5 times instead of 3 times. 

Note: It has a longer charge-up time than what the stats listed in your inventory say, at about 2 seconds, instead of the listed 0.85.


A few simple tips on using this gun:

  • When paired with the Bolt perk from the Tech Weapons branch of the Technical Ability perk tree, you can fire 5 bolt shots with this weapon, dealing immense damage.
    • The Deep Breath perk from the Pistols, Revolvers, Sniper Rifles, and Precision Rifles branch of the Cool perk tree will make getting a bolt shot easier, thanks to it slightly slowing down time while aiming.
  • Thanks to its +150% headshot damage multiplier, this pistol is best used by attempting to score as many headshots as possible. Keep in mind that the recoil can throw your aim off mid-burst, especially at farther ranges.
  • The mid-burst recoil can be mitigated by using the Shock Absorber implant (sold by almost any Ripperdoc).