How to get the Unique “Lucky” .357 Revolver in Fallout: New Vegas

The Lucky revolver is a unique .357 Magnum revolver that deals medium damage, has a high critical hit chance and has the lowest AP cost of any revolver.

Player character holding the lucky revolver. | Fallout : New Vegas
Player character holding the lucky revolver.

Tips on getting and using the Lucky revolver:

  1. Lockpick Skill Required. The player needs a Lockpick skill of at least 75 to get the gun. 
  2. Have the Primm Fast Travel. Lucky can be acquired in the gift shop of the Bison Steve hotel in Primm.
  3. Wear Neutral Armor. Do not wear the faction armor of the Brotherhood of Steel, Caesar’s Legion or Powder Gangers while entering the area, as the NCR soldiers guarding the entrance will open fire. Entering from the south will bypass the soldiers entirely. Especially useful if the player has made the NCR hostile.
  4. Low Magazine Size and Slow reload speed. Due to the low magazine size and reload speed, using the gun requires some planning in combat.
  5. High Crit and Low AP Cost.The low AP cost and high critical stats make this weapon suitable for early game VATS/Crit builds.

Differences between Lucky and the .357 Magnum revolver

Without any perks, Lucky has the following benefits over a base .357 Magnum revolver:

  1. Deals 4 more damage per shot (from 26 damage to 30 damage)
  2. Fires about 50% faster (from 1.8 attacks/second to 2.8 attacks/second)
  3. Has a 12.5% higher durability (from 200 health to 225 health)
  4. Deals 4 more critical hit damage (from 26 damage to 30 damage)
  5. Has a 2.5 times higher critical hit chance modifier (from 1x to 2.5x)
  6. Costs 9 fewer AP to fire in VATS (from 28 AP/shot to 17 AP/shot)
  7. Has a 40% lower spread (from 0.5 spread to 0.3 spread)

The revolver, however, does have some minor disadvantages when compared to its base counterpart:

  1. It is 25% heavier (from 2 pounds to 2.5 pounds)
  2. Has a 16% slower reload speed (1 round takes 0.7 seconds to load, rather than 0.6)
  3. Like every other unique weapon, it cannot be modified.

Acquiring Lucky

To get Lucky, you must travel to Primm (a town located south of Goodsprings and to the north of the Mojave Outpost). If this is your first time visiting, you will encounter NCR soldiers guarding the entrance, as well as 3 Escaped Convicts guarding the entrance to the Bison Steve.

Location of Primm on the pip-boy map. | Fallout : New Vegas
Location of Primm on the pip-boy map.

Tip: After discovering Primm, the player can fast travel to it, which will bypass the NCR soldiers (if they are hostile) as well as a wooden bridge with 3 explosive mines.

If you fast travel to Primm, you will be looking directly at the Bison Steve entrance.

Bison Steve entrance when looking from the fast travel spawn location. | Fallout : New Vegas
Bison Steve entrance when looking from the fast travel spawn location.

Enter through the front door and kill or sneak past the Escaped Convicts that patrol the area. Go straight to the hallway in front of you and then take a left, which will lead you to the gift shop. 

Hallway that leads to the gift shop. Entrance on the left. | Fallout : New Vegas
Hallway that leads to the gift shop. Entrance on the left.

Behind the counter is a hard locked safe, which requires a lockpick skill of 75 or more to open. 

Safe with the gun. | Fallout : New Vegas
Safe with the gun.

After unlocking the safe, you can take the revolver. The safe may hold some other valuables, such as stimpacks, chems or ammunition.

Tips for using Lucky

Due to the low AP cost to fire in VATS, high critical hit chance and damage, as well as high fire rate, this revolver is best suited for builds that use critical hit boosting perks and outfits. 

If you get all the perks, traits and items below, the gun will have a critical hit chance of nearly 100%.

  1. The Better Criticals perk will increase the critical hit damage of the weapon by 50%.
  2. The Cowboy perk will increase the weapon’s base damage by 15%.
  3. The Light Touch perk will increase your critical chance by 5% while wearing Light or no armor (Dead Money DLC required).
  4. The Finesse perk will increase your chance to critically hit by 5%.
  5. The Built to Destroy trait will increase the gun’s chance to critically hit by 3%.
  6. The 1st Recon Beret and Ulysses’ Duster (Lonesome Road DLC required) each increase the gun’s chance to critically hit by an additional 5%.
  7. A Luck SPECIAL stat of 10 will increase your critical hit chance by 10%.
  8. While using VATS, the player has a 5% higher critical hit chance.
  9. While not necessary, the Rapid Reload perk will speed up the otherwise crippling reload by 25%.