“Maria” Unique 9mm Pistol Guide in Fallout: New Vegas
“Maria” Unique 9mm Pistol Guide in Fallout: New Vegas

Maria is the signature weapon of Benny, the man who shot you in the opening cinematic of the game. In this guide, I’ll go over its unique effects and quirks, as well as some important tips on how to make the best use of it.

Quick tips before I go over the weapon in more detail.

  • This gun is involved in challenges. Maria is involved in 2 different challenges- “The Same Could Be Said of All Religious Weapons” and “Talk About Owned”. In the former, you have to kill 15 Feral Ghouls with weapons that have religious references in their names (such as the Maria pistol). In the latter, you have to kill Benny with his own weapon.
  • Improved Holdout Weapon. This weapon can be snuck past security into places such as casinos if your Sneak skill is at 50 or above. 


For the sake of avoiding spoilers in this guide, the acquisition of the weapon was moved into a separate guide which you can find here.

Unique Effects

All of the following stats are compared to the regular 9mm Pistol.

  • Increased damage (20 vs 16).
  • Increased fire rate (3.75 vs 3.13).
  • Increased critical hit chance multiplier (x2 vs x1).
  • Decreased spread (0.2 vs 0.7).
  • Increased durability (995 vs 745).

These stats make Maria the highest damage 9mm weapon in the game, not to mention that it’s also the most accurate. 

The only disadvantage of this pistol is that you can’t equip it with weapon modifications, which means that you are stuck at a magazine size of 13 (unlike the 20 of the upgraded 9mm pistol). This also means that you can’t take advantage of the 9mm Pistol Scope, but that is hardly an issue.

Build and Usage Tips

  • Thanks to its increased critical hit multiplier, it’s viable as an early-game critical hit build weapon, but it gets outclassed very quickly by weapons like That Gun (guide for that weapon here).
  • Thanks to it benefiting from the Grunt perk, you can use this pistol in the mid-late game as a secondary weapon. This is especially true if you use the JHP or HP ammo types.