How To Get The Unique “Mercy” Grenade Machine Gun In Fallout: New Vegas
How To Get The Unique “Mercy” Grenade Machine Gun In Fallout: New Vegas

Mercy is a unique fully automatic grenade launcher that can be found deep within the Deathclaw-infested Dead Wind Cavern.

Quick tips before you set off to grab the gun:

  • Bring your best equipment. The cave is filled with high-level Deathclaws, including a Deathcalw Mother. Bring AP ammo, the best armor you can find, explosives, chems, and, if you have the Lonesome Road DLC, flashbangs or a flare gun.
  • Bring Cateye or another night vision item. The cave is dark and hard to see in. Bringing Cateye, Ghost Sight, or an apparel item that grants night vision will help you see the Deathclaws before they see you.
  • Watch out for the Legendary Deathclaw. This cave is also the location of the one and only Legendary Deathclaw in the game. The Legendary Deathclaw has 1000 HP, deals 2x more damage than a regular Deathclaw, and has a Perception of 10, making it almost impossible to sneak past.
    • Try to cripple its legs. As with most Deathclaws, shooting them in the legs is a good strategy, as it reduces their movement speed and allows you to run away if necessary.
  • Try to sneak. Getting a sneak attack critical can end a fight before it even begins. This is especially important here, as some of these Deathclaws can deal up to 300 damage with a single attack.


To acquire the Mercy grenade machine gun, go to the Dead Wind Cavern, located southwest of Ranger Station Charlie.

Dead Wind Cavern on the world map | Fallout: New Vegas
Dead Wind Cavern on the world map

Once there, look for the cave entrance. Watch out for Deathclaws, they are both inside and outside of the cave.

Entrance to the cave | Fallout: New Vegas
Entrance to the cave

Once you enter the cave, you’ll immediately find yourself at a fork. Take the right path.

The first fork | Fallout: New Vegas
The first fork

There’s another fork right after that one. Again, go to the right. You’ll know you’re going the correct way if you go down a slight slope.

The second fork | Fallout: New Vegas
The second fork

Right below the slope is another fork in the path. Take the left turn.

The third fork | Fallout: New Vegas
The third fork

Along the path, there will be two ways you can take to the left. Take the second one, which is at the very end.

Correct cave pathway | Fallout: New Vegas
Correct cave pathway

You’ll enter a more open location within the cave. The Mercy grenade machine gun will be in the portion of the room to the left.

Mercy in the final room | Fallout: New Vegas
Mercy in the final room
Close-up view of Mercy | Fallout: New Vegas
Close-up view of Mercy

Comparison to the Grenade Machine Gun

  • Fires 40mm grenades instead of 25mm grenades.
  • Fires slightly faster than the Grenade Machine Gun, but slower than the fully upgraded Grenade Machine Gun (3.1 shots/second vs 3 shots/second vs 4.5 shots/second).
  • Deals 2x more damage than the Grenade Machine Gun (100 damage vs 50 damage).
  • Has a lower magazine capacity than the Grenade Machine Gun (18 grenades vs 30 grenades).
  • Has a far higher durability than the Grenade Machine Gun (2495 shots before breaking vs 995 shots before breaking).

Gameplay Tips

  • Thanks to its high fire rate and absurd damage spread across a wide area, this weapon is best used in large, open areas against groups of enemies. The Lonesome Road DLC is filled with locations like these.
  • The Gun Runner’s Arsenal DLC added 40mm plasma grenades and 40mm pulse grenades. These are very powerful, and allow you to use this gun very effectively against large groups of robots, which are all over the Old World Blues DLC.
  • If you are planning on using this weapon frequently, it is suggested that you pick up all 3 ranks of the Demolitions Expert perk, as that will increase your damage by 60%.