How to Farm Mini Medals in Dragon Quest XI
How to Farm Mini Medals in Dragon Quest XI

Mini Medals can be exchanged at L’Academie de Notre Maitre les Médailles for rare items and some of the best equipment in the game. They can be found from breaking pots and barrels as well as in chests and from defeating enemies. They can also be rewards for missions. Once exchanged, they are converted into stamps for your album.

This guide will cover two post game methods of farming Mini Medals as well as the prizes for collecting them.

Method #1

The first method requires access to Drustran Trials where some of the enemies have Mini Medals as their common drop. The best area to farm Mini Medals is the lower level of the Cruel Crypt in the Disciple’s Trial first zone where a slot machine enemy called the Vicious Penny Pincher spawns.

Erick Steal Mini Medal from the Vicious Penny Pincher. | Dragon Quest XI
Erick Steals a Mini Medal from the Vicious Penny Pincher.

When fighting it, use the Half-Inch ability to steal Mini Medals from them. Although you can only steal one Mini Medal per Penny Pincher, they can also drop them once defeated.

To improve the chances of stealing equip items like the Robber Gloves, Uniforme de l’Académie, and Bunny Tails. To know how to get these items, check the “Best Way to Farm Gold” guide.

Method #2

The next method requires you to beat one of the trials and choosing the wish “I wish I could enter a top-level horse race!” which unlocks the Black Cup in the city of Galopolis.

Hero choosing a wish. | Dragon Quest XI
Hero choosing a wish.

Once unlocked, you can enter the Black Cup at Galopolis with 5000 G and lose the race which gives you a Mini Medal as the prize.Essentially, this method will allow you to exchange 5000 G for a Mini Medal.

Hero wins a Mini Medal as a participation prize. | Dragon Quest XI
Hero wins a Mini Medal as a participation prize.

Mini Medal Prize List

The prizes for collecting Mini Medals are the following:

Mini MedalsItemDescription
5Shield-BearerA clairvoyant’s card imbued with the power to increase defense.
10Hermes’ HatHelpful headwear that can be used to achieve the same effect as a chimera wing.
20Rune StaffA wand within which plentiful reserves of power reside, and whose attacks can sometimes paralyze those they strike.
30Recipe Book: Kit Fit for a KingUnlocks the recipe for the Crown of Dundrasil and Drasilian Dress Coat
35Falcon BladeA blade as fast as a speeding hawk that enables the wielder to strike twice in quick succession.
45Agility GiletClassy, comfortable clothing that’s easy to move around in.
50GlomboleroAn incredible coat that can absorb MP from any spell cast on the wearer.
55Spiked ArmourBarbed plate that can bounce damage back whence it came.
60Miracle SwordA wondrous weapon that heals the wielder’s HP with every single strike.
65Deft DaggerAn enigmatic knife with which it’s easy to make a surprising first strike on the enemy.
75Circle of SerendipityWear this on your finger to bring rare forms of regular monsters running a little more often than usual.
80Recipe Book: Styles for All SeasonsUnlocks the recipe for the Autumn Shower Hat, the Spring Breeze Hat, the Summer Cloud Hat, and the Winter Sky Hat.
90Recipe Book: Glammer Gear for Goer-GetterersUnlocks the recipe for the Gladder Rags and Tiara Tremendisima.
100Erdwin’s ShieldOnce worn by the Luminary of Legend, this nigh on impenetrable protective platter can drive back darkness, fire and ice attacks, and also restores MP.
110Recipe Book: Making Things with Metal KingsUnlocks the recipe for the Metal King Goomerang, the Metal King Gooreatsword, the Metal King Shield, the Metal King Spear, and the Metal King Sword.