How to get all the non-unique Power Armors in Fallout: New Vegas

There are four non-unique Power Armor type equipment in Fallout: New Vegas that you can get in the game without needing to fulfill any specific quest. Aside from looting them from specific enemies, some of them can be purchased from specific faction vendors or scavenged in specific places in the Wasteland.

Keep in mind that killing faction enemies such as the NCR Heavy Troopers and Brotherhood of Steel Soldiers will cause you to become antagonistic to that faction, making them aggressive on-sight if you antagonize them too much. Information on getting faction armors that can be found without having to anger a faction will be listed.

If you don’t care about antagonizing a faction for their armor, here are some quick tips for fighting Power Armored enemies:

  • Bring Armor Piercing Ammo (AP Ammo): Power Armor has a higher Damage Threshold (DT) than regular armors. If you don’t want a fight to drag on, bring AP Ammo to deal significant damage.
  • Use EMP Damage Weapons: If you don’t have AP Ammo or are using an Energy weapons build, Power Armored enemies take additional damage from EMP damage since Power Armors, like Robot enemies, function due to electronics.
    • The exception to this is the NCR Salvaged Power Armor due to its unique lore related description of having its electronics stripped out and effectively just being a heavy suit of armor. It does not take additional damage from EMP weapons.

NCR Salvaged Power Armor

While not technically power armor since it does not require the Power Armor Training perk to wear, it’s still uncommon enough to warrant inclusion in this guide. The armor also functions as an NCR disguise if you are antagonistic towards them. However, be aware that certain enemies (guard dogs, mongrels, rangers, high ranking enemies, etc) are able to see through disguises if you get too close, so don’t be too reliant on it for certain situations.

  • NCR Heavy Troopers begin to spawn with this armor after level 15, so you may kill one of them to loot the armor off of them.
  • If you’re “Liked” with the NCR and speak to Colonel Hsu (located at Camp McCarran), they will give you a key to the NCR Safehouse that contains a low condition armor you can take. 
Location of the NCR Safehouse. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of the NCR Safehouse.


The easiest way to get a suit of T-45d power armor is to finish the Brotherhood of Steel quest Eyesight to the Blind (quest guide here), or if you support Paladin Hardin, the Tend to your Business quest. Completing either of these will grant you the Power Armor Training perk and reward you with a single suit of T-45d.

If you are locked out of those quests, there are several merchants that have them on sale. Note that if a merchant does not have the armor on sale, your level may be too low or the merchant hasn’t restocked yet. Merchants restock every 3 days.

  • Great Khan Armorer, located in the Great Khan Armory sells low-conditioned T-45d suits.
  • Knight Tores, located in the Brotherhood of Steel bunker, sells them, but you must first finish several quests for the Elder. Alternatively, you can also break into her armory or into the Elder’s quarters, where you can steal sets of the armor as well.
  • The Sink Central Intelligence Unit, located in The Sink (Old World Blues DLC required)
  • Quartermaster Brandon, located in the lower portions of Hoover Dam, can sell them to you. This is your best option as the armor that he sells is in good condition. You need a Speech skill of 50 and an Accepted reputation with the NCR to buy from him. Alternatively, progressing further into the NCR main storyline will also unlock the ability to buy from him.

To get to him, go to the Hoover Dam Offices, located east of Boulder city.

Location of the Offices. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of the Offices. 

Once there, go to the lobby and enter the elevator you see on your left.

Location of the Elevator, view from the entrance to the offices. | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of the Elevator, view from the entrance to the offices.

After you exit the elevator, go down the stairs directly in front of you, and follow the   corridor until you see 2 doors.

Stairs, view from the point of entry. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Stairs, view from the point of entry.

Take the door on your left and you will see a door on your left on the other side. Go through and you will be at the quartermaster.

The door to the quartermaster. | Fallout: New Vegas
The door to the quartermaster.

Brotherhood T-45d

The Brotherhood variant of the T-45d power armor is rare but only due to a bug where Brotherhood Paladin enemies that are supposed to spawn with T-45d Power Armors are incorrectly coded to spawn with T-51b armor. The only way to get one before the point of no return is at the Dead Wind Cavern, one of the most dangerous locations in the entire game.

Location of the Dead Wind Cavern. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Location of the Dead Wind Cavern.

The entire area is filled with Deathclaws, including a Legendary Deathclaw which is one of the most dangerous enemies in the entire game.

The armor is nearly identical to the regular T-45d but also acts as a Brotherhood of Steel disguise.


This power armor is mostly exclusive to the Brotherhood so you can buy one from Knight Torez in the Brotherhood of Steel bunker or you can find one in the Brotherhood of Steel Safehouse

There is a single suit of the armor located outside the faction-specific areas within an area known as the Deathclaw Promontory which is one of the most dangerous areas in the game due to being filled with Deathclaws. If you still want to get the armor this way, follow the Deathclaw promontory guide in the Remnants Power Armor section below.

Brotherhood T-51b

The Brotherhood T-51b is actually the easiest power armor to acquire as you can find them on most Brotherhood of Steel soldiers. If you don’t mind killing them and losing reputation with the Brotherhood of Steel, they are an easy source of these suits. Read our quick tips above on how to best deal with Power Armored enemies.

If you instead want to keep the Brotherhood of Steel happy, you can visit the three dead Paladin squads that you visit during the quest “Still in the Dark” (guide here). Due to a bug, they are all wearing full suits of Brotherhood T-51b.

Remnant Power Armor

Although it is not a unique armor, the Remnants Power Armor can be unofficially classified as a “special armor” for the following reasons:

  • It has the highest DT set of armor in the entire game
  • There is only two ways to get it, and one of them can be missed permanently because it is linked to both a companion quest and a faction: Arcade Gannon’s For Auld Lang Syne companion quest and the Followers of the Apocalypse respectively. If you become hated with the Followers or for whatever reason make it impossible to gain Arcade Gannon as a companion, there is only one other copy of this armor in the whole game.

Because of these unique qualities, a guide to get the helmet and armor outside of the For Auld Lang Syne quest can be found here by clicking this link.

However, if you haven’t locked yourself out of the For Auld Lang Syne quest line, click this link to go to that guide.