How to Enter Psaro’s Palace in Dragon Quest IV
How to Enter Psaro’s Palace in Dragon Quest IV

After you cross Niferia and reach the underworld, you’ll need to defeat four guardian bosses to be able to enter Psaro’s Palace, the last dungeon in Chapter 5. 


  • Be at least level 30. If you need to grind a bit more, equip the Liquid Metal Sword on any party member and the Falcon Knife Earrings on Alena, and then farm Metal Slimes outside of Azimuth town.
  • Gear up. Full Zenithian Gear on the Hero, the Liquid Metal sword on your damage dealer, and the best armors you can buy for each party member. Also give the Staff of Salvation to Borya, so you can have 3 healers on your party.

The first barrier

After you cross the Niferia Tower and reach the underworld, you’ll find a shrine in the south. Head there and talk to the NPC to heal yourself and learn about the four barriers. You can also Zoom to this shrine whenever you want.

Talk to the angel in Heaven’s Haven to heal and save | Dragon Quest IV
Talk to the angel in Heaven’s Haven to heal and save

Exit the shrine and head northeast to find the first barrier. Enter the place and talk to the dragon to start a boss fight. 

Rashaveraks | Dragon Quest IV
500 HP x3
Each one of the three dragons can call for reinforcements after you kill one of them, so it’s better to weaken them equally. Cast Kabuff on your party and then attack with all your AOE attacks to kill the three of them at the same time.

After defeating Rashaverak, go back to Heaven’s Haven to restore your HP/MP.

The second barrier

Head northwest this time. Inside the second temple some statues that will mirror your moves; just walk a few steps east and then go straight north to avoid them. Talk to the next boss two times to trigger the fight (If you walk away after talking once he’ll backstab you).

Pruslas | Dragon Quest IV
2100 HP
Very straightforward fight. Go with full physical attacks until the fight ends. Sometimes he attacks twice, and his attacks are quite powerful, so make sure to have your party with full HP at all times to avoid an insta-K.O.

The third barrier

Zoom to the shrine, heal your party and head northwest again but go further northwest this time. You’ll find the next temple near the end of the map. Climb the ladder and talk to the monster to start the next boss fight.

Barbatos | Dragon Quest IV
3300HP, can cast Yell and Kaboom
This fight is gonna be quite harder than the two previous bosses. Barbatos attacks twice per round and has spells that attack your entire party. Get the Hero, a healer and someone with the Staff of Salvation in your party, so you can keep your entire group healed at all times. Cast Sap on him and keep attacking and healing until the fight ends.

You’ll get a Miracle Sword after Barbatos dies. This sword can heal the wielder with every physical attack.

The Final barrier

After healing yourself at Heaven’s Haven, head northeast to break the final barrier. This place looks like a tower, unlike the other three temples. The stairs to the right have a chest with a Zombie Mail inside. Go to the top of the tower to find the last guardian.

Aamon | Dragon Quest IV
1800HP, can cast Frizzle, Cacrackle, Kaswoosh and Bounce
Aamon has three Ghouls helping him, so getting rid of them should be a priority. Aamon himself casts an immunity to magical attacks, but you can disable that immunity by having your Hero use the Zenithian Sword as an item. His spells hurt a lot but he doesn’t have a lot of HP, so keep your party healed and go ham with physical attacks until he falls.

The last barrier is down! Zoom back to Heaven’s Haven and heal up. You can now head north and enter the last dungeon in the main story: Psaro’s Castle.