How to get Ra’s Mirror in Dragon Quest V

You are going to want to head towards Abovitall Tower, but that task can only be attempted after recruiting Maria.  You should travel across the bridge and head northbound until you come across the nun. Convince Maria to join you before returning back to Abovitall Tower.

Here are some important tips before entering the dungeon. 

  • Return to Coburg before entering the tower and upgrade your companion’s weapons. 
  • Ensure your companions are all ranked above level 15 for best results. 
  • There are several treasures you can collect while in Abovitall Tower.
  • Acquire and use Holy Water to reduce enemy encounters. 
  • Grind to level 22 before attempting the boss fight against the Faux queen.

You’ll want to start by walking southeast of Heaven’s Above Abbey until you reach the Arboreas Teleportal. Once you have arrived, you’ll be greeted with a scene where the front doors won’t budge. 

If you brought Maria to Abovitall Tower, she will work her magic and allow you to enter through the main doors.  You are encouraged to use your Holy Water once you are inside to make things a little bit easier.  While you’re on your journey,  you can look around for hidden treasures along the way.

Once you reach the 4th Floor of Abovitall Tower, you’ll come across some Magic Water.  You can take it to assist you. It is highly recommended to improve your chances as you travel through the tower.

As you progress through the tower, you will eventually come across a location where there appears to be missing floor.  Ra’s Mirror will also be nearby, so in order to get to it, you will need to proceed along a narrow invisible pathway on either side.  Avoid the center tiles. 
Note:  Avoid the invisible center tiles in order to proceed. The left or right invisible pathways are acceptable.

You can now obtain Ra’s Mirror and start your journey back to the Coburg Castle.  You can still collect any remaining treasures before you depart. 

Bring Ra’s Mirror up to the bedroom in Coburg Castle, which is next to the throne. Then you can use Ra’s Mirror on the fake queen, who should be standing on the left side. If you are struggling to defeat the faux queen, it is recommended that you reach level 22 before attempting this boss fight.

Preparations for the Faux Queen Boss Fight

  • Reach Level 22.  The Faux Queen may be one of the more challenging fights that you face at this point in the game, so it is a good idea to reach level 22 before attempting to fight if you are struggling.
  • Gear. Use boomerangs and a Rotten Apple during the fight for best results.
  • Fight Strategy. Defensive weakening spells are important in this boss fight. It is recommended that you take advantage of them.

The encounter with Faux Dowager will lead into the boss fight where you will have to face off and defeat them. It is recommended that all of your party members ranked above level 15 before attempting this boss battle.

Upon defeating Faux Dowager,  you’ll be brought back to the throne room and rewarded with the benefits of winning the boss fight.

You will learn that Queen Dowager was an imposter all along before encountering King Wilbur and receive his praises.