How to get the Scorched Sierra Power Armor in Fallout: New Vegas

The Scorched Sierra Power Armor is one of the two unique pieces of Power Armor in Fallout New Vegas. It requires the Lonesome Road DLC and is found at “Ulysses Temple”. You can be locked out of getting this armor permanently if you make the wrong decision during the end of the questline. 

Warning: This article contains spoilers for the ending of the Lonesome Road DLC.

Although it only gives 24 damage threshold, which is 4 less than the non-unique Remnants power armor (guide to get Remnants armor here), it has a unique property of regenerating the wearer’s health at 2 HP per second. This effect even works on companions who wear the armor.

Quick tips on getting the armor:

  • Lonesome Road DLC required. You must reach the ending of the Lonesome Road DLC to get this armor.
  • Power Armor Training required. To wear this armor, the player must have the Power Armor Training perk (guide 1 and 2 on how to get the perk)
  • DO NOT FINISH THE DLC. In order to get the armor, you must make a specific choice during the DLC’s finale. If you make the wrong one, you can permanently lock yourself out of being able to get this unique piece of equipment.
  • NCR rep penalty. Getting the armor brings with it a high NCR reputation penalty.
    • This can be circumvented by following the guide before doing the NCR quest Things That Go Boom, as finishing that quest will reset the player’s infamy down to 0.
  • Bring radiation supplies. The area in which the armor is located is heavily irradiated (as high as 20 rads per second). Bringing Rad-X and RadAway is a requirement without specific equipment/builds.
  • Level 20 or more recommended. The area is filled with Glowing Trooper Ghouls (who emit even more radiation and serve as cannon fodder), Irradiated Heavy Troopers (who use heavy weapons, like plasma casters or miniguns) and the boss wearing the Power Armor who has 790 HP. For comparison, Deathclaw Alpha Male only has 750 HP.
  • Bring high damage or armor-piercing weapons. The Heavy Troopers and the  boss wearing the armor have an extremely high damage threshold. EMP weapons have no effect on the power armor enemies in this area.

Getting the Armor

You you must reach the end of the Lonesome Road DLC which starts the quest “The Apocalypse”. Once you see that the quest on your quest log, you have to interact with the console in the location “Ulysses Temple”. Don’t worry about missing it, as the game will not let you leave the area before you interact with it.

Location of the console. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Location of the console.

After you find the console, you must interact with it and select one of the following options:

  • Redirect the missiles to target both the NCR and Caesar’s Legion.


  • Accelerate the countdown and launch the missiles at the NCR.

The first option is recommended, as it allows you to get 2 additional unique items: the Red Victory grenade rifle, and the Armor of the 87th tribe.

Image of the two launch options. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Image of the two launch options.

After that’s done, finish the DLC and travel to the Mojave Outpost.

From there, go all the way to the back of the camp and interact with the gate. Doing so will send you to the Long 15.

How to get the Scorched Sierra Power Armor in Fallout: New Vegas

Note: Even though you launched the missiles at the NCR, they will not be hostile unless you turned them hostile before launching the missiles.

View of the gate from the center of the Mojave Outpost. | Fallout: New Vegas
View of the gate from the center of the Mojave Outpost.

Once you walk through, you will find yourself in the irradiated remains of the Long 15. This is where you’ll find Colonel Royez, who is wearing the armor.

Walk forward until you see a fork in the road. When you get there, turn left.

The Long 15 entry point. | Fallout: New Vegas
 The Long 15 entry point.

Once there, you must continue traveling onward until you see a large chain link gate.

Image of the correct direction. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Image of the correct direction.
Chain link gate that you must reach. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Chain link gate that you must reach.

Once you reach the gate, head through and fight your way through the irradiated heavy troopers that guard the area and keep following the road until you see a destroyed Vertibird next to a medical sign. Behind and to the right of it is where Colonel Royez is located.

Image of the destroyed Vertibird. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Image of the destroyed Vertibird.

Once you see Colonel Royez, kill him and you can loot the Scorched Sierra Power Armor from his corpse.

Image of Colonel Royez. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Image of Colonel Royez.
Armor on his corpse. | Fallout: New Vegas
 Armor on his corpse.