How to get “That Gun” revolver in Fallout: New Vegas

“That Gun” is a unique 5.56mm pistol that uses 5.56mm ammunition (which also means that it can utilize armor piercing and hollow point ammunition, unlike almost every other pistol/revolver in the game) and has the second highest possible critical chance multiplier

This, coupled with the ease of acquisition, makes it one of the best pistols in the game, even into the late game. 

Tips before going to get the gun:

  • Early acquisition. The gun can be acquired very early in the game, and doing so is recommended, as the weapon easily deals with pretty much any early game threat.
  • Purchase the key or pick the lock. The gun is usually meant to be purchased from Cliff Briscoe, however, doing this would be a waste of caps, as it can take as much as 2000 caps to buy.
    • Instead, you can purchase a key from him during or after the quest “Come Fly With Me” (which, despite being a side quest, will be given to you as a part of the main quest), or, alternatively, pick a very easy locked door (No lockpick skill required). Either option will allow you to get the gun for much cheaper, even though it will require you to steal it (which will result in a minor Karma loss).

How to get the “That Gun” revolver

First, navigate your way to Novac, a town located south of the 188 trading post and north-east of Ranger Station Charlie.

Novac Location | Fallout: New Vegas
Novac Location

Next, head into the Dino Bite gift shop, located inside the giant replica dinosaur.

Entrance to the main area | Fallout: New Vegas
Entrance to the main area
Entrance to the dinosaur | Fallout: New Vegas
Entrance to the dinosaur
Inside view of the Dino Bite shop | Fallout: New Vegas
Inside view of the Dino Bite gift shop

After you’re there, you can push Cliff Briscoe away from the door if necessary, or just sneak behind him and make sure that you are in a [HIDDEN] state. Pick the lock on the door, open it and walk inside the room. 

If you don’t have any bobby pins or you break the lock from too many failed pick attempts, you can instead proceed with the main quest line until you eventually speak to Manny Vargas who will give you the quest “Come Fly With Me”. Once the quest has started, the Storage Room Key to unlock the door should be available for purchase from Cliff Briscoe

If it isn’t, you may need to either complete the “Come Fly With Me” quest or wait until Cliff Briscoe restocks (which happens on Sundays and Wednesdays at 12AM).

Good place to stand while remaining hidden and being able to pick the lock on the door | Fallout: New Vegas
Good place to stand while remaining hidden and being able to pick the lock on the door

Opening the door with the key doesn’t require you to sneak, however taking the gun will.

Once inside the room, close the door behind you and crouch. Again, make sure that you are in a [HIDDEN] state. Even if the door is closed, NPCs can potentially detect you stealing and become hostile. The weapon is laying on a shelf to the right of the entrance to the room. It may be difficult to see, as it is hidden behind replica rockets.

Location of "That Gun" on the shelf | Fallout: New Vegas
Location of “That Gun” on the shelf

Differences between “That Gun” and the 5.56mm pistol

The differences can easily be summed up by saying that the unique “That Gun” is overall superior to the base model, especially because there are no modifications available for the 5.56mm pistol, and the Gun Runners’ Arsenal DLC is required to even acquire the objectively worse weapon.

  • Deals more damage (30 vs 28)
  • Deals more critical hit damage (30 vs 28) 
  • Has a higher critical hit chance multiplier (2.5x vs 2x)
  • Fires faster (3 attacks/second vs 2.8 attacks/second)
  • Has a 29% higher durability (1120 attacks before breaking vs 870 attacks before breaking)
  • Has lower spread (0.5 vs 0.6)

Tips on using “That Gun”

This gun is similar to the Lucky revolver (guide to that weapon here) in that they are both high critical chance and critical damage revolvers. However, “That Gun” is much more powerful due to its ability to use more specialized ammunition and its superior critical hit chance multiplier of 2.5x, compared to Lucky’s 2x. 

It is recommended that you use this weapon in a critical hit or cowboy build to maximize its effectiveness.

  • Being the best (and one of the only) revolvers to use ammunition that has both Hollow Point and Armor Piercing ammunition available to it, it is recommended to make use of it as much as possible. 
    • Armor Piercing ammunition makes short work of Super Mutants, Nightkin, early to mid game robots and turrets as well as armored humanoid opponents
    • Hollow Point ammunition works wonders against Ghouls, mutated animals and unarmored humanoids, such as Jackals, Vipers, Fiends and even early game Legion and NCR soldiers.
  • The Better Criticals perk will increase the critical hit damage of the weapon by 50%.
  • The Cowboy perk will increase the weapon’s base damage by 25%.
  • The Light Touch perk will increase your critical chance by 5% while wearing Light or no armor (Dead Money DLC required).
  • The Finesse perk will increase your critical chance by 5%.
  • The Built to Destroy trait will increase the gun’s critical hit chance by 3%.
  • The 1st Recon Beret and Ulysses’ Duster (Lonesome Road DLC required) each increase the gun’s critical hit chance by 5%.
  • A Luck SPECIAL stat of 10 will increase your critical hit chance by 10%.
  • While using VATS, the player has a 5% higher critical hit chance.
  • While not necessary, the Rapid Reload perk will speed up the otherwise crippling reload by 25%.