Tips, Tricks & Exploits for Harvest Moon SNES

These are a list of tricks and exploits you can take advantage of in Harvest Moon for SNES to maximize your efficiency:

Hot Springs Fast Stamina Regeneration

The Hot Springs in the Mountain regenerates your stamina slowly over time by soaking in it. However, you can fill up your stamina quickly by just jumping in and out of the hot springs 4 or 5 times which is only just a few seconds worth of time.

The reason this works is that you get an instant amount of stamina regeneration right away upon entering the hot springs and then slowly over time after that. By jumping in and out of the hot springs, you quickly get all your stamina back by taking advantage of the instantly regenerated amount upon entering over and over.

Next Day Birth for Pregnant Cows

The Medicine item has a bug where if you use it on a pregnant cow, it will end the pregnancy wait time and the cow will give birth to a calf the following day.

The reason is not known, but a guess would be that the game erroneously considers the cow’s “Pregnant” status as a negative ailment that’s healable by the Medicine like “Cranky” or “Sick”.

Instant Ending

If you hold L + R + Select as you are going to bed for the night, you will trigger the ending that you would receive if you had legitimately ended the game with your current stats and items. This can be useful as a way to see if you met the requirement to reach a certain ending already.

The reason is that this is most likely a left over developer shortcut to skip to the end of the game to make sure certain triggers are working correctly.

Two Daily Dug Up Treasures

The game is programmed to allow you to dig up to two different items a day by plowing the dirt. However, you can just plow the same spot over and over again until you get those two items. The following items that can be dug up are:

  • Gold Coin
  • Money Bag
  • Mole
  • Power Berry (Two can be found this way but not on the same day.)

Fences Hurt more than Help

Fences have no positive effect other than aesthetics. They are actually detrimental because broken fence pieces are the reason that wild dogs can kill the chickens you leave to graze on your farm. If you have no fence pieces on your farm anywhere, wild dogs will never appear to kill your chickens. You can remove fences by throwing them into a pond or taking them out of the farm and throwing them off screen like at the crossroads or the Mountain.

Cow Brushing after Large Milk

You can stop brushing a cow three days after it starts producing Large Milk. A cow’s affection will never lower unless you miss a feeding and allow it to get sick or cranky so it will never stop producing Large Milk after that. Once you have a full barn of cows, you will save a great deal of time and energy not having to brush every cow every day.