How to upgrade your house in Harvest Moon SNES
How to upgrade your house in Harvest Moon SNES

There are two extensions for your house available and to upgrade it, you will need enough enough wood and gold, the amounts of which depend on which house upgrade you are on. The upgrades are done by the Carpenters who live on the mountain.

You can actually gather enough wood in one in-game day to do all the upgrades thanks to an exploit that lets you essentially have infinite stamina as well as the fact that the day doesn’t end until you go to bed.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Complete the first upgrade ASAP. The Carpenter tells you that there is a special reward for upgrading your house before the first Summer. The reward is a Clock that allows you to tell time in your home as well as when you’re outdoors by hitting Select. If you miss this deadline, the chance to get it is lost permanently.
  • Infinite stamina. Quickly jumping in and out of the hot springs on the mountain 5 or 6 times will recover your stamina to maximum. You can read about it and other useful things on our guide on Tips, Tricks and Exploits.
  • Make money ASAP. To ensure you have enough gold for the house upgrade, focus solely on growing Potatoes in Spring and Corn in Summer for your first year. These yield the maximum amount of profit per bag. While you’re waiting on crops to grow, forage and fish as much as possible.

The Carpenters

The Carpenters are the ones you talk to when you want to upgrade your home. You’ll find them on the Mountain in the first Tree House that you see.

The Carpenters home | Harvest Moon SNES
The Carpenters home
Just outside their home | Harvest Moon SNES
Just outside their home

Upgrade Description

There are two upgrades available for your house, as well as an optional upgrade after the second one. There is no time gate for the upgrades so you can start the upgrade process as soon as you have enough materials.

Upgrade #1

The first upgrade make your house just a little big bigger, but it will almost barely be noticeable. However, it’s the most important one for two reason:

  1. You must have the first upgrade in order for the option to marry is available.
  2. You must upgrade it before the end of the first Summer to get the Clock.
The first upgrade isn't too noticeable but it's the most important one | Harvest Moon SNES
The first upgrade isn’t too noticeable but it’s the most important one

To upgrade it, you’ll need the following materials:

  1. 250 Wood
  2. 5000 G

Once you have enough, simply talk to the Carpenters and they will begin the process the following day. The upgrade will be complete on the third day after they start.

If you complete this before the end of the first Summer, you’ll receive the Clock as a gift which lets you tell time when you hit Select, as well as putting a clock in your home as a decoration.

Upgrade #2

The second upgrade makes a big change to your home, adding a bedroom and a porch to your home. It will also add an additional child’s bed and a cradle, which are required if you plan on having children.

The second upgrade really change things up | Harvest Moon SNES
The second upgrade really changes things up

To upgrade it, you will need the following materials:

  1. 500 Wood
  2. 10,000 G

Like before, just talk to the Carpenters and they’ll start the process. There is no reward for upgrading within a certain time frame, however you’ll want to get it done sooner rather than later as without the second upgrade, your wife will never get pregnant. After all, the bed in the first upgrade isn’t enough for three!

House Paint (Optional)

There is an optional upgrade available once you upgrade your house twice which is house paint. It doesn’t have any purpose outside of giving your home a light white color. The carpenter will sell it to you for 1500 G. You will then receive paint as a tool which you can use to paint the front of your home. It has no use after that.

Gathering all 750 Wood in One Day

In order to get wood, you will need to chop down the stumps you find on the mountain and on your farm. Each stump takes 6 consecutive chops with the normal axe before it splits into six pieces of wood which are added to your wood sto. You cannot move at all during the chops or it will reset the count.

If you have the patience and time, you can gather all the wood you need in one day since the stumps regenerate once you leave and re-enter the Mountain. Normally, running out of stamina would prevent you from being able to chop wood all day and night, but by taking advantage of the hot springs, you essentially have infinite stamina.

If you jump in and out of the hot springs on the mountain 6 times, you’ll recover all your stamina. Since the day never ends until you go to bed, you can essentially collect all the wood you need in one day if you have the time and patience for it. It’s time consuming but getting it out of the way is a great feeling as you’ll essentially never need the axe again once you chop all the wood you need and clear all the stumps from your farm.

A bathing monkey admires your grit as you chop that wood | Harvest Moon SNES
A bathing monkey admires your grit as you chop that wood