About us

We are a team of expert gamers looking to provide the best possible source of information on any video game out there. There is no Console, PC or Mobile game we we won’t cover, regardless of era.

As avid gamers ourselves, we want to make sure that our fellow gamers find the information they are looking for.  We know EXACTLY what you want and know how annoying it can be when searching other gaming sites who choose to add unnecessary fluff and commentary to pad their guide sizes rather than getting you the info you’re looking for. Our mantra is simple: Get the information you need and game ON.


1. Research & Planning
We have a team of expert passionate gamers who not only love to play games, but also love writing guides. As gamers, they know exactly what other gamers are looking for. We don't deal with fillers here, period. We organize our guides to ensure you find your answers immediately.
2. Writing & Visuals
We are gamers here, so our team dedicates the time to play every single game we publish on our site. The writing here is proprietary and the screenshots are fresh from the source. We don't cut corners here. We want to make sure that our users have the best experience possible.
3. Publishing
We strive to continually launch new guides weekly. We take our time to search for each writer to make sure that the content is always at the highest standard. With several writers, that means you will see new content being worked on for different games.