Who are we?

We’re Gamer Zenith. Our goal is to bring you the clear, concise and detailed information you need to beat the games you play.

What makes us different from other walkthrough sites?

Our guides are focused on giving you the information right away without the fluff. These days, many sites fill their articles with unnecessary information and content to pad the article length. Sometimes you won’t see any actual “guidance” until you’re a few paragraphs deep into their guide. That’s not us.

We don’t pad our guides with the usual filler you might find like the description of the whole game, the history of the game or our opinion on the game. Within the first paragraph, you’ll immediately have the information you need followed by the details and screenshots to get you there.

We will always try to minimize plot spoilers so you can get what you need without worrying about an important story element spoiled before you can experience yourself. There’s nothing worse than reading a walkthrough that is almost as if the writer is narrating their entire playthrough and spoiling the story along the way.